Mum makes a whopping 153 freezer meals in one go to save time cooking each day & prefers reheatable dinners for the kids | The Sun

A MUM who wanted to save time each day cooking meals for her family has revealed her clever hack – cooking 153 meals in one go.

Mum Sharla – along with neighbour Christie – spent a day whipping up the whopping batch of food so she could reheat meals for her kids each day.

In a clip on their Freezer Meals 101 YouTube channel, which has racked up over 300,000 views, the mum said: “This is going to blow how you see cooking right out of the water.

“You cook every single day but not only do you cook every single day but you’re the one that has to decide what you’re going to be cooking and you need to run to the store several times a week to get the ingredients.”

Sharla said that if you are fed up with the on-going cycle and also all the washing up, their batch-cooking hack may be for you.

Every three months, they do a colossal cook to save a huge amount of time each day.

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Sharla added: “We are going to show you how to only cook dinner every three months.”

First up you need to write down all the recipes you are going to make and the items that go into each one.

Then it’s time to do a huge shop to buy the items in bulk – which can actually work out cheaper.

Sharla then utilises her slow cooker and oven to ensure her meat is fully cooked before starting to bag up each meal for her family in Ziploc bags.

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The mum showed how she prepared and bagged up a Sicilian pasta meal for her freezer.

She said: “We are putting in some ground Italian sausage that’s been browned, some sliced mushrooms, some green pepper that’s diced, red pepper that’s diced, and diced zucchini.

“As you can see this one is incredibly healthy, lots of veggies in there, and some Italian seasoning, oregano, curry powder.

“Here’s where it gets a little strange, we’re gonna add some butternut squash soup.”

Sharla said you can pour this in from a can bought at your supermarket, or make your own if you have the time.

She continued: “Then you are going to add a cup of chunky salsa.

“Then you are going to add a cup of water and that’s it.

“You are going to take the air out of the bag and squish it to combine it, and this goes beautifully on the top of pasta.”

The two women worked their way through numerous recipes and added them to multiple bags to be used whenever they needed.

Their other recipes included thai chicken satay, bbq meatloaf, sesame steak and ground beef stroganoff.

By the end – they said everything "ached" but they filled two freezers.

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Many people were hugely impressed with their batch cooking mission, with one person writing: “You’re teaching this generation to cook smarter not harder.”

Another added: “Freezer meals definitely changed my life and I'm now making a bunch for a family member whose about to have her first baby.”

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