My six-pack is hidden by my girls – I'm proof a 56-year-old triplet mom can have abs but trolls take issue with my body | The Sun

A BODYBUILDING mom of triplets has been holding off the hoards of trolls who have taken issue with her body.

The 56-year-old has a washboard-like six-pack to be proud of, but it is hidden by her girls.

She is living proof that a woman in her fifth decade can have a fine set of abs and a great body.

But her detractors have been mean and unkind.

Fortunately, there were enough supporters to drown out their negativity, but it was hard.

DD (@fitbodybydonna123) has 33,000 followers on her TikTok.

“I’m a 56-year-old mother of triplets and lover of fitness," she said in her post.

Achieving a body beautiful has been a life-long journey for her.

This lady has even taken it one step further and taken part in bodybuilding competitions.

Along the way she has given birth to her triplets. But she has organized her life so she can still get to the gym and work out.

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She wore a body-hugging pair of jeggings and a scarlet red tube top in her video. Her blonde hair hung around her shoulders.

“Sometimes the girls get in the way," she said jokingly, hoisting her boobs up and out of the way so she could see her impressive six-pack.

There were a number of commenters to her post who were unnecessarily cruel.

She came back fighting, however: “I don’t get why people are so mean.

"I do appreciate your kindness,” she said of those who were supportive and complimentary.

For the haters, she wrote: “Thank God their hate doesn’t bother me. It just makes me feel sorry for them.”

Some of their horrible comments included: “Too much sun," to which she responded, "I love the sun."

Another said: “Less suntanning, starting to look like leather.”

Without missing a beat, she said: "I love leather. I’m 56 and skin happens to get old, so what?"

But there were many fans who leapt to her defence.

One said: “I love the sun. You look great, they are jealous.”

“Her lifestyle isn’t easy. Try working out every day and eating clean. I can’t do it. Not easy," figured another.

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There were more compliments, including “You look amazing, and "You look absolutely stunning.”

And there was recognition of the effort it took to achieve a body like hers: “Years of hard work and dedication right here.”

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