My underrated breakfast helped me lose 35 lbs – it's just 4 ingredients and my favorite to make on weekends | The Sun

A SELF-STYLED weight loss guru has revealed her underrated breakfast that helped her lose 35 pounds.

The weight loss meal was super simple, containing just four ingredients, and she said it was her favorite to make on weekends.

This foodie idea came from Josephine (@josephinejonai), who boasts a following of 66,000 on her TikTok.

There, she describes herself as a "weight loss and fitness guru,” and she has worked hard to earn that title.

The pounds have dropped off her and she has managed to keep them off, too, with diet and nutrition changes.

Menu suggestions have regularly been featured on her platform.

In this post, Josephine shared one of her favorites and it was so simple and tasty.

“Underrated breakfast that helped me lose 35 pounds," she said.

The weight shifter champion continued: “This is my favorite breakfast on the weekends.”

Into a blender, she placed some bananas that needed to be used and added oatmeal, two eggs, and almond milk.

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After blending, she cooked them on a griddle until golden brown.

Josephine then cooked some egg whites and had these on the side of the pancakes.

With a final flourish, she put some blueberries and syrup on top.

There was so much flavor packed into this recipe.

The pancakes clocked in at 533 calories and 18 grams of protein while the half cup of egg whites held 63 calories and 13 grams of protein, she explained.

At least one commenter was impressed: “Thank you so much for the tips. Very helpful.”

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