Nursery school teacher shares the 5 kids toys that could ‘land you in A&E this Christmas’ | The Sun

A NURSERY school teacher has revealed the five toys that you should never give your children at Christmas, as they are dangerous and could lead to serious injury.

Lauren Paige shared the revelation via a video posted to her TikTok channel, where she is known as @kindergartenthoughts and often shares insights into her life teaching young children.

Opening the video, Lauren said: "These five toys could land your kids in the emergency room this Christmas – so don't get these."

The first toy that Lauren warned against buying is water beads which are small colourful balls made of superabsorbent polymers.

They are often sold in toys, as part of craft kits or as sensory toys for children with disabilities.

Lauren said that she used to bring these toys into the classroom because she didn't know how dangerous they are.

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She said: "If they are swallowed they can be incredibly dangerous because they absorb water and swell up."

This can cause obstructions in children's lungs or intestines.

Several retailers have made the decision to ban these toys, including Amazon and Walmart.

The next toy Lauren warned against buying for your children is anything with a button battery.

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She said: "They can cause a lot of harm if swallowed. They're just not safe to have around any kids".

Next on Lauren's list is electric scooters or hoverboards which kids could easily fall off of, leading to them injuring themselves.

Lauren said: "Hoverboards take a lot of coordination and it takes a lot to learn how they work".

The fourth item on Lauren's no-buy list is E-bikes or dirt bikes which children could also easily fall off of.

She said: "These could be great gifts if the recipient is mature enough to use them."

Last on Lauren's list is the "dreaded trampoline" which the nursery teacher said she herself hurt herself on when she was a child.

TikTok users raced to the video's comments sections to share their thoughts on Lauren's list.

One user said: "My sister broke her leg in 2 places on a trampoline."

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Another user added: "My son broke his wrist on a hoverboard."

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