People are only just realising the hidden feature of solar garden lights – and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left mind-blown after discovering a hidden feature in her garden solar lights.

Tobie explained that she gets fed up with the lights constantly falling over in her back garden.

So she was understandably stunned when she saw a video of a woman showing that the bottom of the lights comes off to reveal a spike – which can then be used to firmly secure the base in the ground.

After watching the video, Tobie took to TikTok to document herself seeing if her lights had the same feature.

Removing the base of one of her lights, Tobie pulled out a spike, muttering under her breath: "Motherf**ker".

"Let's see if it's like this for all of them," she said, before picking up a sunflower one and finding it was, indeed, the same.

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"They don't teach you anything in this life… they teach you nothing," Tobie then raged.

"Absolutely nothing. They just want to see you fail.

"I've learned more things on this damn app than I ever did in any type of education."

And tonnes of people in the comments section admitted they had no idea about the feature either.

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"Whaaaat?" one wrote.

"I didn’t know either! Is that why mines look all s**t well? THANKK YOUU!"

"I had no freaking idea," another admitted.

"I think tik tok should be recognised for further education like college bc same!" a third laughed.

"The ONLY reason I found out about the spike was because aldi sells them individually and a kid took one apart in front of me," someone else wrote.

"I legit never wanted these cause i didn’t like that they didn’t stay up… now i need to go get some," another said.

As someone else commented: "The ONLY reason i knew this was bc my 3 yr old pulled it out on accident and we were all mind blown.

"I got out smarted by A TODDLER!"

"Thank you for sharing this!" another said.

"I actually stopped buying them even though I liked them because I hated trying to get them in the ground!

"Now that I know, I can go back to buying them again!"

However, other people insisted they'd known for years and, in many cases, the feature is even detailed on the product's packaging.

"Wait a minute… how did you not know this?!" one wrote.

"You poor thing!"


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"I thought everyone knew this lol," another added.

As a third laughed: "That's hilarious! I thought everyone knew. lol!!!!

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