Big Brother Finale Blowout: Did Bowie Jane, Jag, or Matt Win?

The Final 3 Houseguests compete in the final Head of Household competition, then the Final 2 face the Jury ahead of a $750,000 vote — plus, America's Favorite Houseguest and something new from BBU for the holidays?

It was all over on Big Brother 25 except the confetti and the final battle for Head of Household … oh, and that ruthless interrogation and then a winner … but also America’s Favorite Houseguest and what’s coming next month? Okay, there was actually a lot going on!

It was a two-hour extravaganza that began with the Mafia alliance of Bowie Jane, Jag, and Matt hanging on for dear life and ended with one of them crowned the winner and heading home $750,000 richer.

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We also got the return of all the evicted Houseguests, an update on three potential showmances, the reveal of the season’s big twist and an absolutely flabbergasted winner of the $50,000 prize and title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. Was this perhaps the most misunderstood player in the game?

Julie Chen wrapped the show by teasing what’s to come next for the franchise, after another ridiculous skit featuring Frankie Grande, Britney Haynes, and Danielle Reyes trying to fix the BB Multiverse. They did, but then they unleashed the BB Holiday-verse … and appeared to get sucked in.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games brings nine BB legends back for six episodes across two weeks, including one BB25 player (and probably Frankie, Britney, and Danielle). It also features guest appearances from alums like Jordan Lloyd, Derek Xiao, and Tiffany Mitchell as “Santa’s Elves” who will guide the players.

Unlike traditional Big Brother seasons, these all-stars won’t live in the same house and they won’t vote one another out. There are also no live feeds or live shows or even Julie Chen. Instead, there are three competitions in each episode, which will ultimately create four finalists battling for $100,000. So it’s more like a game show and a different kind of beast from the BB Universe.

That kicks off December 11 at 8pm ET on CBS. But before the house can be ready for the next phase of the BBU, it needs to eject the final three players from the current season and crown a winner.

But first (sorry Julie) let’s look at how Dr. Will and the first six jurors broke down this Final 3 … before we break them up!

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JURY CHATTER (w/ Dr. Will)

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  • “You all thought it was gonna be me.” –Felicia (arriving)
  • “No, I thought it was Matt.” –Cirie
  • “It should have been Matt. Jag made a $750,000 mistake. Watch and see.” –Felicia
  • “Bowie Jane was never a threat because Bowie Jane never had an opinion about anything.” –Cirie
  • “She’s a floater and that’s a strategy. It worked in her favor.” –America
  • “Bowie Jane made herself an amazing ally to myself, to Matt and Jag, and she was someone who a lot of people in the house … could rely on.” –Cory
  • “She made a pretty solid decision in going along with evicting me, honestly. And I’m pretty positive that Bowie Jane’s a lot sharper behind those eyes than we actually are giving her credit for.” –Cameron
  • “Bowie Jane was never in control of any decisions being made.” –Felicia
  • “For me, it’s about who had the most control in the game.” –Cory
  • “I think Jag manipulated a lot of people in this game. That’s a testament to Jag’s social prowess and the effects that he has on these players in this game.” –Cirie
  • “He did win seven Vetos, though. That’s the most, ever.” –Dr. Will
  • “That’s why he was chasing Cameron, though. Cameron and Jag were the true competitors.” –Felicia
  • “Now you just said something. Cameron showed his ability in the comps very early on and Cameron’s social game sucked, just to keep it 100. And Jag’s social game wasn’t that great, so why wasn’t Jag targeted the same way?” –Cirie
  • “Cameron won more HOHs which meant more blood on his hands. Jag just had to save himself.” –Blue
  • “Matt has a super power where he’s able to lower his threat level despite being a 6’3″ model of a man. He should be a threat. I should look at that guy and say, ‘We gotta get rid of him immediately.’ Never crossed my mind.” –Cory
  • “You would leave a conversation with Matt just feeling really good.” –Blue
  • “Matt came into a game where conversations matter, not being able to hear conversations. There’s nothing but whispers in this game and he overcame that.” –Cirie
  • “He’s not owning any of the moves that he actually was a part of.” –Cameron (about Matt)

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Final Head of Household

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We left the Houseguests hanging on for dear life as they were slammed against a wall, dunked in gross egg batter and had various weird things thrown and dumped on them. Apparently they weren’t falling apart fast enough, though, because Mr. B had more in store for them.

First up, they were forced to shift off of the disc and sit on the bubble itself. Then, they were pelted with freezing cold rain, which was enough to start wearing down their resolve. After an hour and a half, Bowie finally fell into the drink

The Minutemen, though, were looking strong. When Jag had to admit to himself he was faltering, he tried to convince Matt to end the competition with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Matt relented … for about another half hour.

Finally, the duo played the game and it ended with a Matt victory just shy of the three-hour mark. Matt might have won that one anyway, though they were both hurting. This win sent Matt straight to Part 3.

Part 2 was an absolutely brutal memory game that saw Jag and Bowie zip-lining all around the room. There was a wall covered with competition names. They definitely studied these and knew their order and their days.

They forgot to study one thing, though. Which of the BB Multiverse universes did each comp come from?

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There were four blank walls, one each for the Comic-verse, Humili-verse, Scary-verse, and Scramble-verse. The Houseguests had to get the comps to the right wall and get them in the order they happened. Buzzing in wrong offered no clue what was wrong and with so many possibilities, this competition took forever for both of them.

They were both so disillusioned by taking more than an hour each, that they felt it was anybody’s game. In the end, though, it was not anybody’s game. Jag picked up his tenth win of the season (if we count this as a separate competition), taking sole place with the most wins ever in BB history.

Finally, it was time for the live Part 3 competition between Matt and Jag, and this one was a nailbiter from start to finish. They were shown silly videos of the Jury members, each in their own universe built around them, but faced the usual Final HOH Part 3 format.

Each Jury member made three statements and one of them was false. The one who got the most correct after six rounds would win, but these boys proved neck and neck, with both getting the first five right. Then, on number six, there was a falter … from both of them!

Tied at five points each, they headed to a tiebreaker round asking how many minutes Part 1 of this competition lasted. Jag pulled off another win with a guess (163) closer to Matt’s (140). The competition lasted 176 minutes. So does that make this Jag’s 11th win, or does it all count as 10? Either way, he should be the undisputed franchise comp leader.

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Final Two

This was where Jag had a choice to make. There’s obviously a strong case to be made that he could have beat either Matt or Bowie in a Final 2 situation. We’re pretty sure he was feeling that confident in the dominance of his game. So what was the best move?

Was it about assuring the easier win, or having to fight a little bit harder and maintaining some integrity, as well as showing a game-long loyalty to the one player who saved his game back in Week 4 when he was evicted unanimously (Matt saved him with the Power of Invincibility).

Ultimately, Jag stuck with his Minutemen ally Matt and sent a tearful, but happy, Bowie Jane to join the Jury. Felicia admitted she was hoping it would be Jag coming out — because that shot had been coming for weeks and weeks now but no one would take it — but it was the Aussie instead.

Before we get to the final interrogation, let’s take a look back at the house chatter these past few days, including Jag’s speech to evict Bowie Jane.

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House Chatter

  • “I don’t want to be the person who gets dragged to the Final 2.” –Matt (in DR about Part 1)
  • “If I win the final HOH that means I would have the most HOH wins in this season. That’s gonna look really good to the Jury. And if I can take Jag to the final with me, I may be able to steal some of those jury votes.” –Bowie (in DR)
  • “We’ve been holding on for so long and I just want it to end.” –Jag (in DR about Bowie falling in Part 1)
  • “Hey Matt, can we Rock, Paper, Scissors?” –Jag (to Matt, about to fall off during Part 1)
  • “I don’t know if I can do that.” –Matt
  • “Been in here for f–king years.” –Jag (struggling during Part 2)
  • “I feel like this is me making it to the Super Bowl and then absolutely choking.” –Jag (in DR about Part 2 performance)
  • “Nine comp wins. And I fumble the bag.” –Jag (while Bowie competes)
  • “I’ve been down here so long I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already started BB 26.” –Bowie (in DR about Part 2 performance)
  • “That was bad.” –Bowie (after finishing Part 2)
  • “Bowie Jane, we’ve gotten really close over the last couple of weeks and you made two promises to me. First, if you were the Final Head of Household, you would choose me to sit next to you, regardless of if I made that decision or not. And the second is that you would vote for me if you sat in Jury. I told you one thing in return and that is that I would love to sit next to you in the Final 2, and that still remains true. Matt, in Week 4 my back was against the wall. I was questioning everything and I truly prayed with everything in my soul for an answer. You answered those prayers. You did not turn your back on me and it would feel wrong if I turned my back on you now. Ultimately, I have to do what I think is right and make the decision that I hope my family will be proud of, the decision that I hope my Sikh community will be proud of, and the decision I hope you, Bowie Jane, will be proud of, as well. If I sit next to Matt and I lose 6-1, the one thing that I pray is that that one vote is from you, Bowie Jane. I have to take Matt to the Final 2 and I have to vote to evict you, Bowie Jane.” –Jag (to Bowie and Matt)
  • “Bro, I told you I got you to the end. I told you. You’re gonna win this whole thing, man. You’re gonna win this whole thing.” –Jag (to Matt after evicting Bowie)
  • “I’m proud of him. I just can’t wait to meet his family and all the families here. Matt and Jag are the best people ever!” –Bowie (to Julie after eviction)
  • “Now, you are a member of the Jury.” –Julie
  • “Oh, I forgot.” –Bowie

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Final Interrogation

From here, there was nothing but the final Interrogation (which you can read in its entirety below) and the final vote. Coming into the Jury’s questions, there was an argument to be made on both sides. Matt was never put up until the FInal 4. Jag orchestrated most of the moves in the back half of the season.

It was all going to come down to how well they advocated for their games, and how the jury reacted to that. When it came to the question-and-answer session, Matt was fumbling the ball quite a bit, never quite giving specific answers and not sounding sure of himself. Jag was angry.

Okay, we’re not sure if he actually was, but he was very aggressive in his tone, volume, and language. By the time it came to their final plea, he was practically demanding that the Jury award him the title and the prize money, calling his own game “masterful.”

It came across as incredibly arrogant, but we could not read the jury as he basically shouted at them and lorded his game over them. Were they impressed with his conviction and the strength of his game, or was this whole show very off-putting.

Matt was a bit of a mess with his answers, but his final argument was actually very well-spoken. He talked about the disadvantages of being the first deaf contestant, the power of his social game, and the strategies behind when he would fight in a competition and when he would lay low.

Jag said he had all of their blood on his hands.

They were two very different approaches, but one approach worked more than the other. You can check out all the Jury’s questions and the Final 2 answers below.

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  • “Through your entire game, we in the Jury had the perception that Jag was the leader and you were the follower. What moves can you point out that were specifically your own and not directed by Jag.” –Cirie (to Matt)
  • “We honestly worked together on a lot of things, but my biggest move was I played on Path of Power and I saved his game There were big moves I made and that was my biggest move. Double eviction, those were a team decision. We did everything together and that’s why we’re here. He made his moves, I made my moves, there was no leader in this one.” –Matt
  • “It was clear to all of us taht you and Matt were working very closely together from the beginning. What were the dynamics of the duo and, let’s just be honest, did you carry Matt to the Final 2?” –Cory (to Jag)
  • “Matt definitely saved me Week 4 and that’s something that I will never forget. But I have paved our path to the Final 2 brick by brick, competition after competition, plan after plan, I have made it happen myself. There was a leader and it was me the whole time. I made sure of that.” –Jag
  • “On two occasions you told me that you were considering evicting Jag. Were you ever really considering that or was that just a lie or fib that you told me?” –Felicia (to Matt)
  • “I never was going to do that. I told you what you wanted to hear. I was loyal to Jag. I saved his game, I’m gonna stick with that end of the day. He’s protecting me. He’s never put me up and I’ve never heard from other people that Jag was going to put me up and vice-versa, I’ve heard it from everybody in the house, that’s where my loyalty was.” –Matt
  • “In your goodbye message to each of us in the jury, you took credit for our eviction. But prior to the eviction, you never owned up to it. Each of us find that approach to have been cowardly. How do you defend these moves?” –America (to Jag)
  • “During everyone being in the house, I recognized that nothing is certain until it is certain. So I’m not going to ruin my game by saying anything before an eviction. That is the game I have played. I’m very careful and strategic and masterful about the game I have played. In my goodbye messages is when the job is done. I have finished every job I have set out to do and that is when I can own up to my moves.” –Jag
  • “We understand that lying is a big part of the Big Brother game. Can you give us a specific example of a time in which you strategically lied to someone, and how’d that benefit your game?” –Cameron (to Matt)
  • “Yeah, telling people that I would take a shot at Jag was one of them. I kind of just played on everyone’s side, told them what they wanted to hear. That was my lying. I tried to stay the most loyal I can be. I was never making up things out of nowhere. I kept information and I used it when I needed to. I just did that, you know? Um, yeah.” –Matt
  • “In Week 4, you were voted out unanimously, remember that? You only stayed because Matt saved you from eviction. Why do you deserve to win the game over the person who saved you?” –Blue (to Jag)
  • “Matt saved me and ever since that point, I have worked extremely hard to adapt my game. Matt only saved me because I was close to him, that is testament to my social game. After that point, I changed up my entire game, I came up with a BB master plan for myself where I analyzed all the relationships in the house, mapped out the social dynamics, I gathered information from sources around the house, and optimized every single week to make sure that my targets went home, and that every week I was in a better and better position than the week before. My entire journey in this game is testament to that.” –Jag
  • “How did your game change, I’m gonna say for the better, when you joined the Mafia with Matt and I?” –Bowie (to Jag)
  • “Joining the Mafia definitely was such a blessing. What I had been trying to find through this whole game was finding people that are loyal and Matt was definitely loyal, I was loyal, and Bowie Jane, you have been extremely loyal. We have had to make a lot of big moves together, we protected each other, and that has changed the entire course of this game.” –Jag
  • “I’m the first deaf person to play Big Brother. I have no role model. No one else has played this game that I can look up to. That’s a huge step for me. I had to play a social game and a physical game. Social game? Bro, I can’t even hear 85 percent of the conversations that happen in this house, so I had to step up. What did I do to step up? Lived in Have-Not. Have you seen that done before? I lived in Have-Not so I could have conversations and talk with everyone and have good connections. Also for my social game, I almost had a perfect game. I never got put up. The one time I got put up, guess who was deciding my fate? The guy I saved Week 4. That’s a good social game. Physical game? I came in this house and y’all saw me as a huge physical threat. So I already knew that in my head I had to back away from winning comps. I won the first comp, look what happened, Hisam was gunning for me. But I stepped back, picked up my social game, played Path to Power, used that lie … I kept that to better my game, I lied about that power. And then, when it came to actual pressure, double elimination, two-time champ, Veto. I performed when I needed to in case there was going to be danger at that time. … THen I backed away because I knew my social game was good because I didn’t need to win HOHs. … That’s how I played this game … I knew I could not play this game along and that’s why I saved Jag, because I knew we could go far together. There was no leader, there was no one bossing anyone. I played my own game, he played his own game. Had he gone out before, I would have been fine because I played a good social game with everyone in this house. No one put me up until the very last second. And you know how I got up the last second? Rock-paper-scissors.” –Matt
  • “I am standing where I am standing and you are sitting where you are sitting because I have willed it to be that way. It is not by luck, it is not by a mistake. It is because I signed your eviction notice. When it was Bowie Jane’s HOH, Cam was never going to go on the Block. I convinced Bowie Jane to put Cam on the Block by creating a Final 3 with Matt and making a pact with her that if anyone targets the three of us, we put them on the Block no questions asked. I convinced her that Cam was targeting me, won the Veto, sent him home for the second time. I single-handedly sent Cory home, I single-handedly sent Blue home. When it was the double eviction, it was my plan that sent America home. When it was Matt’s HOH, Cirie was never the target, she was never going to go home. I convinced Matt that we needed to send Cirie home. I won the Veto that ultimately sent her home because I knew Cirie was closer to Matt than she was to me and that was dangerous for my game. I single-handedly sent Felicia home, I single-handedly sent Bowie Jane home. My hands are covered in your blood. I am the most dominant, masterful and strategic player in this house. I don’t only deserve to win, I have earned this victory. I am the first Sikh player on Big Brother, and not only that, you all need to make the right decision today so I can be crowned the first Sikh winner of Big Brother. It is the right thing to do and I have earned it every step of the way.” –Jag

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Evicted Houseguest Catch-Up

We’re not sure if Julie Chen was trying to goad the early evictees into outing the big secret of the season, but they weren’t doing it. Instead, Mecole was talking about Cameron surprising her by being the “hero” of the season when she thought he was the “villain.” If she was surprised, Cam was even more surprised to think of himself as being seen either way.

Finally, though, Jared revealed the big secret that he and Cirie were son and mother. It was then revealed that Izzy had clocked that before they even entered the house. Everyone else was absolutely shocked. The funniest moment came when Jared revealed that he’d told Blue — Mama Cirie did not look happy and promised they’d talk after.

We did see Blue and Jared hugging after, so there’s a good likelihood they’re going to make a go of things outside the house. We already know Cory and America are going to as well. That leaves Reilly and Matt. Reilly expressed how proud she was of him and then showed him a cotton swab, which was a nod to a message she’d left him (it got messed up, it’s a whole LIve Feeds thing).

It looks like, at least for now, this season will feature three potential showmances on finale night. How many will go the distance? Only time will tell. But this show definitely has one of the strongest romance records in reality TV, if not the strongest.

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  • “I think I was most surprised to learn that Cameron was sort of the hero of the season. I fully thought that he was the villain of the season.” –Mecole
  • “I’m 63, I know what 35 looks like.” –Felicia (calling out Bowie lying about her age)
  • “Felicia, set the record straight. Are you related to Denzel Washington?” –Julie
  • “Absolutely not. But Denzel, if you’re here, hey!” –Felicia
  • “Are you and Reilly?” –Jag (to Matt after Julie says 2 HGs are related)
  • “Cory and America.” –Matt (guessing who is related)
  • “May I ask how you think they are related?” –Julie
  • “I didn’t think it through.” –Matt (they’re in a showmance so … ew!)
  • “No wonder I couldn’t break through that.” –Felicia (about Cirie and Jared being related)
  • “I voted out Jared and thought I could work with Cirie.” –Cory
  • “What do you think about Jared telling your secret to Blue?” –Julie (to Cirie)
  • “Oh, we gonna talk after that. We got a lot to talk about after this.” –Cirie
  • “I just wanna tell you, I have been rooting for you 24/7. I am so proud of you. Look at where you are now, Day 100. Back in Week 2, it wasn’t looking so pretty. I’m really proud of you, everything you’ve overcome in a house of whispers, everything you’ve overcome. I’m so excited to see you and have that conversation we both have been wanting to have and I did bring a little good luck charm.” –Reilly (to Matt wielding a cotton swab)

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Here’s the cryptic comments made by the Jury during the casting of their votes. Can you guess who they were voting for based on this? We had a pretty good idea who won this one after hearing these!

  • “I am voting for the guy that I told I was going to vote for over a month ago.” –Cameron
  • “You guys are the two best players of the season, it is not even close. I’m just voting for the person I think I can beat in a fight.” –Cory
  • “The age-old question, team brunette, team blonde. In my speech I said it best.” –Blue
  • “Here’s my cock-a-doodle-vote to the slimiest snake of them all.” –America
  • “Cory told you guys that I am loyal to a fault. I am casting my vote for the person who was most loyal to me.” –Cirie
  • “Neither one of you were loyal to me, remember that. But I’m giving my vote to the person I think had the best ability to befriend them, be trusting in them, and believe whatever they said, even when they were being deceitful.” –Felicia
  • “I am going to keep to my word. I have done it all through the game. When I say I’m voting for someone, I’m voting for them.” –Bowie

Did we dramatically drag it out like Julie did on the live broadcast? After all that, it was down to Matt and Jag and seven votes. It took four to win. The final vote was 5-2. Mamas Felicia and Cirie both cast their votes for Matty Ice. Jag took home the $750,000 prize with Matt scoring $75,000 for second place.

All that was left was the awarding of America’s Favorite Houseguest, followed by their $50,000 prize. The top three vote-getters were Cirie, Matt, and Cameron, who seemed stunned to even be considered. He was about to be even more stunned as he was the winner.

With shock and emotion on his face, Cameron had to admit he was actually speechless (a rare feat indeed). And with that, BB25 is a wrap. But it’s not the end of the road for one Houseguest. Who returns in one month to compete in the new holiday series? Well, they didn’t tell us that, so we’ll just have to tune in to find out.

Big Brother: Reindeer Games kicks off Monday, December 11 at 8pm ET on CBS.

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