Classy groom living the dream after getting Greggs to do his wedding buffet

A sausage roll superfan has gone viral online after he emailed Greggs to have them cater his wedding — with a buffet of bakes in personalised paper bags.

David Goodings was pretty much all set to marry his stunning bride to be, Gemma with everything down to the flowers booked. But with just a few weeks to go before the big day to sort the catering, he took a chance on emailing his favourite bakers to have them sort the food.

Luckily, they obliged and he was able to film the tables of golden-brown goodies in personalised Mr & Mrs Goodings bags, which has since gone viral online as fans say he is 'living the dream'. In the video, which has gained more than 50,000 likes, the radio DJ from London said: "So there's me walking down the street a couple of weeks before the wedding. We've booked the DJ.

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"The flowers have been arranged, the table plans are been sorted. And that's when I came up with an idea. Why don't I send a cheeky email to Greggs? Tell them I'm getting married and see if they could arrange a special delivery.

"A little bit of a long shot, but when you love their sausage rolls just as much as me, it was worth a go. What happened next was amazing."

He screen recorded himself sending an email to the Greggs team before showing the "special delivery" on their wedding day and joked that all he could think about was his beloved sausage rolls during the first dance. "Greg sent us loads of food and made some personalised bags," he added.

"Not sure if you just saw that there. They changed the Greggs logo on some of their bags. So it said our surname Gooding's look really cool. There's us partying with our steak bakes. We're a classy couple.

"All the food tasted so good. I mean, what more could you ask for on your wedding day? Sausage rolls, vegan sausage rolls, steak bakes. We had it all. And we're partying the night away on the dance floor. It was so good.

"And of course, during the first dance, we were both thinking exactly the same. Well, kind of. Thanks, Greggs, for the best wedding present ever."

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TikTok fans were left stunned by the clip, with many taking to the comments claiming the wedding was the stuff of dreams because of the beloved British pastries. One user said: "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LIVE MY DREAM."

Another added: "That's my idea of a wedding feast." A third commented: "Such a good idea! wish I'd known this! We got married the same day as you!"

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