Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – September 13

Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – September 13, 2023

When Michelangelo began sculpting David, did he have any idea of the controversy his art would create?

Even today, people are offended by its nudity. Maybe he’d be delighted that a hunk of stone could get so many people’s fig leaves in a twist! Today, historic misunderstandings can be cleared up. 

If we stop basing judgements on appearances, we can appreciate everyone’s individual gifts.


(March 21 – April 20)

Don’t let yourself get pulled into a needless debate. Actually, even if you have a point to prove, and a good argument, don’t get involved in any difficult discourses. During the Dark of the Moon, you’re at risk of wasting valuable energy getting caught in dramas that are best left alone. Which would be silly when you’ve got more constructive things to do. Be discerning and wise. Only if something looks simple, sweet and clear is it worthy of your attention. And the chance of those kinds of options arriving are high.

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When Michelangelo began sculpting David, did he have any idea of the controversy his art would create?


(April 21 – May 21)

The best way to make something expensive seem affordable is to look at even more expensive alternatives! Wincing at the cost of a car? Browse the Ferrari website. That’ll do the trick! Suddenly the first car looks like a steal. Of course, the price is exactly the same. It’s just our mindset that changes. Everything is relative. The Dark of the Moon offers a new sense of balance and perspective. It allows you to reappraise an unsatisfactory situation in a new light. You’ll be surprised to discover that aspects of it are valuable.

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(May 22 – June 22)

It’s crazy that we spend money to be scared out of our wits. We wait in long queues to ride rollercoasters. We enjoy scary movies. If only we had the same approach to the scary things in our actual lives. Instead of dreading a meeting with a difficult boss, we’d be excited! From our relationships, to simple choices (like the right colour to paint the bedroom) just think about the stresses we put ourselves through. You’re anxious because a situation feels out of your control. But if you treat it as an adventure, you might find yourself enjoying this.

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(June 23 – July 23)

During the Dark of the Moon, as your ruler, the Moon, almost disappears, if ever an agreement can be reached, a compromise arrived at, or a fruitful arrangement be made, it’s now. Your astrological advantage is up there in the sky. As it becomes less and less visible, its influence becomes stronger and stronger. You might not notice any significant changes. Everything might seem much as ever it was. Yet one critical factor is transforming. You won’t know how much more is possible until you try. Stop hesitating and go for it.

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(July 24 – August 23)

Great poker players never show their hand. Skillful negotiators don’t reveal the extent of their desire to make a deal. The world is full of people playing games with one another. Some of these are stressful. Some are fun. And some are a mix of both. Some games are only enjoyable when we fully understand the rules. Others lose their thrill the moment we realise what we’re actually doing. During the Dark of the Moon, you can change the game you’re currently involved with. And join in with one that’s going to be more fun.

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(August 24 – September 23)

We all have regrets. Everyone looks back and wishes they’d done something differently. But to spend our life focusing on avoiding making mistakes, would be… regrettable! Errors oblige us to think creatively and take different paths. And awareness of our imperfections makes us more tolerant and kind. If you feel you could have done something differently, the New Moon brings a chance to change things. Take it… or you might regret it! But (more importantly) be kind to yourself. Even Virgos aren’t perfect. Thank goodness for that!

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Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – September 13, 2023


(September 24 – October 23)

Did you ever have a teacher who was so strict that the pupils were terrified into silence? Others, on the other hand, were more like paper tigers: they tried to exert their authority but couldn’t control the classroom. Neither of these provided much by way of an education. The ones who inspired the greatest interest (and cooperation) were those who were fierce but fair (and sometimes fun). You’ve got skills to share with someone who’s keen to learn. Don’t doubt your abilities. Your sensitivity makes you perfect for this task.

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(October 24 – November 22)

It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut, trapped by an endless cycle of routines, and bound down by rules, regulations, duties and obligations. The upside, is that at least we’re familiar with what’s going on! And there’s comfort in familiarity. So will news that the coming New Moon heralds change fill you with anxiety? Or do those butterflies in your stomach signal excitement and potential? I’m not going to spoil the surprise. But be assured that, once the current sense of upheaval settles, you’ll see that what’s changing is good.

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(November 23 – December 21)

Go forwards gently and with trust – even when you think your trust might be ill-founded. Which doesn’t mean trusting people you don’t think are trustworthy. This is about trusting your ability to make fair, well-considered judgements. When we’re confident that the cosmos is benevolent, and that it’s got our best interests at heart, it responds by affording us a kind of natural protection. Lack of trust leads to untrustworthiness. And that’s not your natural way of being. If you trust… and go carefully, you’ll enjoy what unfolds today.

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(December 22 – January 20)

When we talk about ‘selective hearing’ we tend to think about children’s reactions to being told it’s bedtime – not the behaviour of grown-ups. But we’re all guilty of only hearing (and remembering) the things that suit us. We embellish, alter and even fabricate our version of events to suit our purposes. Someone in your world has important info to share. But they’re being misheard. Pay close attention today. If you take a message on board (even though it sounds difficult) you’ll learn something that will be to your advantage.

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(January 21 – February 19)

Just because you’re not quite where you wanted (or hoped) to be doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Progress is rarely straightforward. And it seems that you’re being forced to take a convoluted detour to get to your destination. No wonder you want to point out how ridiculous and unnecessary a certain arrangement is. But since finding a shortcut is going to be time-consuming why waste energy looking for one? The coming New Moon will reveal how far you’ve travelled. And you’ll start to see rewards for your efforts.

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(February 20 – March 20)

Good reputations take ages to build and seconds to ruin. Then, they take ages to build back up again. It reminds me of the dieting saying: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! But no matter how hard it is to lose weight, it’s even tougher to change a mind that’s been made up – especially when it involves an opinion about somebody. I mention this because under the New Moon, you won’t just change the way you see someone. You’ll change the way others see you. And how you see yourself. All (by the way) in a positive way.

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