I used to wash dead bodies for a job – now Im a model who sells used knickers

A woman has gone from cleaning dead bodies to stripping naked and selling used underwear online – for a healthy sum.

Tiauna Riley, who has some 3,300 subscribers on OnlyFans, was doing some truly grim work while she was waiting to start studying for her nursing qualifications.

“I wasn't in nursing school,” she told the OnlyStans podcast. “I was doing my prerequisites and then I was a CNA. As a CNA I would literally clean dead bodies, wipe a**es… clean old people all day…”

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Tiauna was being paid next to nothing, and had just learned that she was going to have to wait two years to start her training proper.

But then, an accidental nip-slip on a friend’s Instagram story led to her gaining a massive social media following.

“She posted me on her story and I went from 6,000 followers to 36,000 followers in probably eight hours or something,” the pal explained.

She had already been thinking about starting an OnlyFans account, and when that massive following landed in her lap, Tiauna thought it was the ideal time.

Initially her content was quite tame. She recalled: “I've always kind of been a nudist my entire life and I was doing ‘hand bra’ pictures and things like that but then I thought ‘I have nice natural t****s I might as well show them…’.”

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From there, her content escalated quickly from simple saucy photos to full-on orgy videos.

“I really feel like the main thing I do is kink FaceTimes,” Tiauna said. “I'll do FaceTimes with people and it's different things like they want me to humiliate them.

“It’s a huge broad spectrum of things that they like and most of the time they just sit there and tell me their fantasies.”

She also sells pairs of knickers that she’s worn. “I sell them for $100,” Tiauna explained. “I've been going live a lot more, and I’ll wear them for the whole live and then they can buy them right off me.”

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“I will buy a pack of them on Amazon for probably 40 bucks… but what I didn't know is the shipping is actually really expensive, it'll be 25 to 30 dollars.”

As a little personal touch, Tiauna adds a little handwritten note.

While that represents most of her day-to-day business, Tiauna said that she’s had some truly offbeat requests from fans in the past – such as the one who wanted her to beat up a watermelon.

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“Someone wanted me to get a watermelon and put on a prom dress and beat the fruit with a weapon,” she recalled.

“I thought about it but where the f*** am I gonna go get a prom dress? I lived in an apartment like where am I gonna beat a fruit consciously with a weapon?”

She politely told her exceptionally imaginative subscriber: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I’ll find the time for that”.

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