I was so fat I went blind after secret trips to McDonald's – I've lost 7st and still love a curry | The Sun

A JUNK food addict, who was so obese she went blind, is seeing a healthier future after shedding half her body weight.

Emily Chappell, 34, used to make secret trips to McDonald's which saw her tipping the scales at 19st 5lbs at her heaviest.

"I was definitely a secret eater," she said, "I'd eat the whole bag of a sharer bag of crisps and get rid of the packet so no one would know."

It was only when Emily began to lose her eye-sight that she took her weight seriously.

"Losing my vision in one eye as I walked my kids to school was a turning point for me, I was absolutely terrified," she said.

Emily was suffering from hypertensive retinopathy, an eyesight disorder that occurs as a result of hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure.

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It happens when a lack of blood flow to the retina leads to blurred vision or the complete loss of sight.

After taking herself to the doctors, Emily discovered her blood pressure was "through the roof".

She said: "All the consultants were saying the same thing; that my weight was dramatically affecting my health.

"I knew straight away that I needed to take matters into my own hands immediately because I was so terrified the unthinkable was going to happen to me."

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So, in December 2021, Emily decided to throw herself in at the deep end in the run-up to Christmas and start the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

The diet involves eating combination of pre-made meals, soups and shakes, which range in calories depending on the weight loss plan and goal.

By Easter, Emily had lost 6st 10lbs and reversed all of her health issues, specifically type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

And now at a healthy 11st 8lbs, she feels more confident than ever and can finally join in with making memories with her kids.

She said: "I never knew that this is what I could look like. When I see pictures of myself now, I can't believe it is me.

"I've gone from buying size 24s to buying size 10s – which is a size I never dreamed I'd be able to fit into."

Despite cutting out the Maccy's, Emily's new diet still allows her to indulge in some of the foods she loves, including a curry.

She added: "I feel better than I have ever felt, and I am so glad my kids got to see me choose my health and make this transformation."

Emily’s new diet plan

Having lost 7st, Emily now follows this diet plan to maintain her weight:

Breakfast: Diet shake

Lunch: 200cal meal – homemade chicken salad/omelette / 1:1 diet step-up meal chilli and wedges

Dinner: 400cal meal – stir fry/wrap pizza/curry

Snacks: Diet fruit and nut bar

Emily's previous diet:

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: A meal deal – triple sandwich, crisps, a bottle of fizzy drink, and a chocolate bar

Dinner: Chinese takeaway or frozen oven food such as chips, nuggets, burgers, or pizza for convenience, with a large Cadbury chocolate bar, pack of biscuits, share bags of chocolates or bags of Haribo for dessert.

Snack: Cakes, pastries, fizzy drinks, Costa (a large hot chocolate and chocolate tiffin) and big bags of crisps

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