I'm a gardening whizz and transformed my outdoor space on a budget using recycled pallets – I've saved myself thousands | The Sun

IT'S no secret that transforming your garden can be pretty pricey, especailly if you want something very specific.

But one DIY whizz saved herself thousands by using old pallets in her garden, and the way she put them to use is so clever.

Sharing the results on TikTok, Summer Grinther showed off the plat beds she made using the recycled pallets, and they look so posh.

The gardening whizz explained: "I wanted to grow my own food but so many of the gardens I had seen cost thousands and I knew I couldn't afford that."

That's when Summer decided to make use of old wooden pallets instead.

She got to work cutting them to the right size, along with some lumber.


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"We had a bunch of these on-hand from our home renovation, but you can also usually find them for free at local hardware stores," she noted.

Without spending a penny, she made seven large plant beds for her garden.

Once they were built she added in plenty of soil, which she spent a total of £160 on.

But her budget gardening tricks didn't end there – the DIY whizz got her hands on some garden stones from a neighbour who was moving house and didn't want to keep them too.

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The stones made perfect boarders for her existing plant beds, and because they were free she could use her budget elsewhere.

"Other ways I save money are planting perennial flowers, they come back each year, and trying to start as many plants from seed as possible," she added.

"My garden might not look as glamorous as some of those on the internet but it allows me to grow all the food I want for much less."

Other gardening fans were impressed by her budget transformation and couldn't wait to try out something similar.

One said: "This is so great! Gardening doesn't have to be expensive!"

Another commented: "Love the idea of using pallets, looks so pretty. Well done."

"Turned out so good, love it," a third wrote.

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