I'm so sorry, it's horses***, says mum in heart-wrenching post announcing her own death at 38 | The Sun

A MUM announced her own death in a heart wrenching social media post penned during her final days, in which she told friends she loved them with her 'whole heart'.

She wrote of her death from ovarian cancer: "I'm so sorry, it's horse****".

Casey McIntyre, 38, passed away from stage four ovarian cancer in on November 12.

She announced her own death two days later in a post to social media, shared by her husband Andrew.

It began: " a note to my friends: if you're reading this I have passed away."

Casey went on: "I'm so sorry, it's horse**** and we both know it."

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Sharing the cause of her death, Casey told her friends: "I loved each and every one of you with my whole heart and I promise you, I knew how deeply I was loved."

From the New York, the mum-of-one revealed that she spent five months in hospice care in the lead-up to her tragic end, saying that the time she'd had with her family and friends had been 'magical'.

She meant to end her post with "a list of things that were a comfort and a joy to her during her life" but was tragically never able to as she grew sicker, her husband wrote in a editor's note to her post.

"I am heartbroken that I will never see that list,"' Andrew said.

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"I imagine it would’ve included our daughter Grace, whales, ice cream, her beloved friends, being at the beach, her niece and nephews she incorrigibly doted on, reading 10 books on a week-long vacation, her beloved parents and sister and their amazing extended family, swimming, a perfect roast beef sandwich, and me, her sweet, sweet honey."

He added: "Oh Casey! I don't know how we will do it without you but we will."

In a tribute to his wife, Andrew wrote: "Her greatest gifts and joys were her ready and generous wit, her easy laugh, her devotion to her family and friends and her astonishing determination and grit."

He described her as an "adoring mother and wife" and said she has been "incredibly proud" of her career in publishing.

In her final message to friends and followers, Casey also said she'd set up a campaign to help buy up others' medical debt.

"I am so lucky to have had access to the best medical care at
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and am keenly aware that so many in our country don't have access to good care," she wrote.

This final gesture appeared to touch many, with one commenter writing on X: "What a beautiful way to honour her life. The weight of medical debt is crippling for so many of us and lifting that in Casey’s memory is just so lovely."

Another added: "I do not know you Casey, but your very generous gift to buy up others' medical debt as a memorial moved me."

So far, over $73,000 of the $100,000 goal has been raised.

What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancers affects the ovaries, the organs that store the eggs needed to make babies.

It mostly affects women over the age of 50 and can sometimes run in families, according to the NHS.

Symptoms of the cancer can be vague, particularly in its early stages, Cancer Research UK noted.

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It advised you speak to a GP if you have the following symptoms:

  1. feeling full quickly
  2. loss of appetite
  3. pain in your abdomen or lower part of your abdomen that doesn't go away
  4. bloating or an increase in the size of your abdomen
  5. needing to wee more often
  6. tiredness that is unexplained
  7. weight loss that is unexplained
  8. changes in your bowel habit or symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, especially if this starts after the age of 50

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