Nestle axes another chocolate bar – leaving fans totally devastated

Nestle confirmed that it no longer makes Drifter chocolate bars – and fans are devastated.

The news of the axing came to light on X, formerly Twitter, when a fan asked the confectioner if it still made them.

Drifter was launched in the 1980s – consisting of a wafer layered with caramel and covered in a coating of milk chocolate. Similarly to the Twix chocolate bar, two long and narrow rectangular bars were included in each Drifter pack.

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In the post, the X user said: "I need a Drifter bar or 10 in my life right now, but cannot find them anywhere, so Nestle still make them?" Nestle responded by confirming that the bar had been discontinued saying: "Sorry to have to give you disappointing news, unfortunately the Drifter bar has been discontinued from our range."

Some of us may have seen the bars floating about recently, but they must be close to expiry. That's because Nestle stopped producing Drifter several years ago in 2018, the Mirror reports.

Fans continue to call on Nestle to bring it back though, with a petition even launching on in 2021.

Another X user reached out to the chocolate maker in October to bring it back as it was perfect for dipping in a cup of tea. The post read: "Do us all a favour and bring back the Drifter so people can have a nice cup of tea with a Drifter…..these need to be brought back there's no biscuit/chocolate bar that compares to the caramel wafer delight!"

Another chocoholic posted: "Why does nobody ever complain about the disappearance of the Drifter? The most satisfyingly gorgeous first bite into a chocolate bar ever." Another sweet-toothed fan shared that they "really missed Drifter" and questioned: "Why do they discontinue the best chocolate bars? Drifter and Bar Six were so good!"

In response to these pleas, Nestle confirmed they had no plans to bring back the beloved bar. They said: "It's great to hear you're a fan. No plans yet, but we'll surely let the team know you'd like to see them back." Boo!

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