Russian model living in Dubai mocked for sharing her 'real' struggles

Russian model living in Dubai is mocked for sharing her ‘real’ struggles – from getting the Metro to doing her own beauty treatments and needing to work to pay the bills

  • Dubai-based ‘modest’ model Anna has shared her personal living circumstances 
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A Dubai resident has shared the ‘real’ side to living in the city, but she has since been mocked by social media users. 

Russia-born Anna, 26, who moved to Dubai to pursue ‘modest’ modelling, has been mocked online after her attempt to prove that not everyone who lives in the Emirate is super rich. 

Taking to TikTok, the advocate for modest fashion, who can be seen gazing out of a balcony to stunning views in previous posts, said that she wanted ‘to be real’ with her followers. 

Having lived in the Emirate for two years, Anna has tried to tackle the public perception of luxury living in Dubai by sharing her personal circumstances, such as ‘sometimes’ having to use the Metro and not owning a Cartier bracelet.

Now, the 26-year-old is facing backlash for not realising her own privileges, with one branding her living conditions as ‘normal life’.

Russia-born Anna (pictured) has received backlash online after sharing several aspects of her life in Dubai

At the start of the slideshow Anna wrote: ‘I [have] live[d] in Dubai for two years, and I’m not shy to say that…’

First, the model explained that she ‘sometimes’ has to use the Metro system to get around the city.

Next, she wrote: ‘I can’t afford to eat in restaurants and coffee shops every day.’

The third aspect of her life she was unafraid to share was: ‘I don’t use a Dyson for my hair.’

After that, she added: ‘I don’t go to beauty salons, I do everything at home by myself.’

‘I don’t have a Cartier bracelet,’ the model added next.

The sixth reason the model gave was ‘I have to work to maintain a life in Dubai.’

Next, she wrote: ‘I’m not an aesthetics girl’ before adding ‘I don’t drive yet’.

The ‘modest model’ shared conditions such as having to do her own beauty treatments and ‘sometimes’ getting the metro 

To conclude, Anna wrote: ‘But I’m happy too.’ 

The clip, which has since amassed 1.2 million views, has attracted criticism from social media users. 

One wrote: ‘Welcome to our normal life.’ 

A second person questioned Anna’s supposed lack of beauty treatments, saying: ‘I don’t go beauty salons but I did Botox.’ 

A third wrote: ‘l didn’t know all these are a shame until today.’ 

Another user added: ‘She might as well join the marines for her bravery.’ 

One wrote: ‘I am [an] Emirati woman and I have to work as well. That’s normal.’ 

However, some users supported Anna’s video. One said: ‘Love this refreshing real life take.’

Another added: ‘Proud of you girl. You are a  real one.’ 

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video, and many called her circumstances ‘normal’

It comes after a woman caused a sensation online after sharing the eye-watering list of expensive presents she asked for a ‘dowry’ when her partner proposed.

Linda Andrade, now 24, from Los Angeles, first met her husband, Ricky, a multimillionaire business owner, at the gym when she was just 19.

Three years later, he asked for her hand in marriage.

But before they tied the knot, Linda revealed she had certain financial requirements for her future hubby to fulfil.

These included her own investment property, paying out $100,000 (£78,000) as part of a ‘dowry’, seven diamond rings, and a custom designer dress for the big day.

Her extensive list also covers monthly vacations for life and multiple housekeepers to tend to their home.

Despite living a life of luxury now in Dubai with her husband, Linda insisted the connection the pair share is the most valuable part of their relationship.

‘It was definitely love at first sight and we have been inseparable since the day we met,’ she said.

‘The gifts I requested were things I could see myself using for a lifetime.’

The millionaire housewife admits that keeping on top of the latest trends can be ‘draining’.

But for the most part, she is pleased with her decision to marry someone willing to provide the millionaire stay-at-home lifestyle she desires.

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