Savvy Tesco shopper shows how make £20 shop last all week long

It would be a much easier life if we could all save money on our weekly food shop.

But prices always seem to be rising, and little comes cheap anymore.

But one savvy shopper said you can bag budget buys at Tesco if you really plan well.

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Conor O’Neill, 20, from London, works as a video editor, but he's also managed to become a bit of an expert in bargain hunting.

He's managed to come up with a weekly meal plan that is varied and nutritious enough for his days in the gym pumping iron – and it costs him just £19.40.

His nearest shop is Tesco, and he wanted to find a way to get protein-filled meals from this supermarket without breaking the bank.

The savvy shopper told money-saving community "If I don’t watch what I spend I easily rack up bills of £50 or £60 a week, which just doesn’t work long term, especially when it’s the end of the month and you’re waiting for payday.

"I did some research into how I can get protein sources on the cheap and after some trial and error I’ve come up with a meal plan I find easy to stick with – whether I’m low on cash or want to cut back for a few weeks.

"The best part is that I only need a £20 note to pick up everything I need – and I put the 60p change in my piggy bank for cheat days."

Conor’s money-saving meal plan


  • Fried eggs OR banana oats


  • Sausages and rice with veggies OR tuna and sweetcorn wrap


  • Pork chilli OR sweet potatoes stuffed with black bean and tomato

Connor continued: "I start the day with fried eggs or banana oats depending on how I feel.

"If I need a boost of long-lasting energy then I tuck into the oats before doing some cardio, or I get in protein with the eggs before I hit the weights.

"Eggs are such a nutritious breakfast, and it’s great that they’re so cheap.

"You can pick up 6 eggs for £1.50 and that’s my breakfast for the entire week. Plus, 1kg of oats is even cheaper at just 90p so these were some great bargain finds.

"Later, if I’m on the go, I make sure I’ve got a tuna and sweetcorn protein wrap to keep me going at lunchtime, or if I’m working from home I’ll prepare myself some sausages and rice with veggies.

"I found that broccoli and cauliflower, frozen, were the cheapest option at just 80p for 900g.

"Plus, sausages are cheaper than chicken if I want a protein-packed meal. That substitution in itself saved me at least a fiver each week."

Conor’s money-saving shopping list

  • 6 eggs, £1.50

  • 1kg oats, 90p

  • 4 bananas, 87p

  • Semi skimmed milk, 2 pints, £1.20

  • 8 Woodside Farm pork sausages, £1.50

  • Long grain rice 1kg, £1.25

  • Frozen broccoli and cauliflower 900g, 80p

  • 8 wholemeal tortilla wraps, 1.10

  • Tesco tuna chunks in spring water, 3 tins, £2.40

  • Sweetcorn 200g, 65p

  • Woodside Farm pork mince 500g, £2.65

  • 2 brown onions, 34p

  • Tesco red kidney beans, 95p

  • Sweet potatoes 1kg, £1.09

  • Red pepper 55p

  • Black beans 400g, 65p

  • Tesco Italian chopped tomatoes, 2 tins, £1

This comes in at just £19.40.

Connor said: "I’ve managed to get protein in at both of my meals so far, but I found a way to pack in even more once dinner time rolls around.

"My meal plan allows for three servings of pork chilli which is really tasty to tuck into in the evening. I bulk it out with tinned kidney beans and add as many spices as I want.

"Alternatively, I go for sweet potatoes filled with black beans and tomato.

"Black beans are a great source of fibre and protein, while the sweet potatoes are a good price at just over £1 for a kilogram.

"I’ve not felt like I’m sacrificing good food with this plan, and by making smart shopping choices I’ve cut my food bill right down, saving over £150 a month!"

Tom Church, co-founder of, shared more tips to save money at Tesco. These include…

  • Use a Clubcard – you can turn every 150 points into £1.50 vouchers which can be spent on groceries, meals out and more.
  • Download the Tesco app – receive personalised coupons which can be used online or scanned in-store.
  • Save for Christmas – collect vouchers throughout the year, and Tesco will send them all in November for the big shop.
  • Scan as you shop – keep an eye on prices in-store by scanning items as you go.
  • Make leftovers go further – use Tesco Real Food to find recipes that make use of leftover ingredients and reduce waste.

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