Set of 50p coins sell for fortune – including genuine rare Kew Gardens piece

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    Are you a rare coin collector?

    Often you'll find certain bits of change are worth a lot of money. The coins could come with an error or are low mintage which can go for an absolute fortune.

    Now it might be worth checking your pockets as a collection of coins sold for hundreds on eBay. The seller put the coins up on November 3 which saw a total of 16 bids in three days.

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    In the description, the person wrote: "Genuine 2009 Kew Gardens 50p and full set of circulated 50p coins." They also included a photo of the entire collection.

    The seller put the collection up for 99p before it shot up to £100 in the space of a few hours. And then in a matter of a couple of bids, it shot up to £200.

    In the end it went for £237 after gaining the attention of 10 bidders. The final eye-watering total also comes with £11.65 express delivery.

    Out of the coins in the collection, the Kew Gardens 50p is one of the most-sought after. Often we see the coin flog for hundreds on its own.

    Also the London 2012 Olympic Games coins are quite popular among collectors. Some of the Beatrix Potter and Paddington coins were also sold too.

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    It's always worth keeping an eye on your coins as some could sell for over 300 times its face value. Previously, a rare King Charles 50p coin sold for £500 on eBay.

    Just last week, a seller flogged a rare limited-edition coin to mark His Majesty. It sold for an eye-watering £510 with a total of two bids.

    According to the seller, it was a limited-edition coin because "only so many were manufactured so it's very rare". The coin came with a delivery fee of £2.60.

    It all kicked off with a starting price of £500 before another coin collector threw in an extra £10 to nab it for themselves. And the bid lasted a total of one week.

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