Should be signed off! These notices stopped people in their tracks

Should be signed off! These bizarre notices stopped people in their tracks

  • Social media shared snaps of the funny signs from around the world 
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If you’re on your way to a new place you haven’t explored before, you’d hope there might be a useful sign somewhere to help you locate it.

But sometimes, road and place signs aren’t all that helpul – and in some cases, they can leave you with more questions than answers.

People on various social media platforms from all around the world have shared signs they have seen that caused utter bewilderment.

The snaps have been collected into a gallery by Cheezburger – and they’re bound to leave everyone else just as confused.

One such sign in the US, at a farm where you can milk cows, left visitors baffled when it advertised ‘two people’ for the bargain price of $5 – but made it look like it was people, not cows, being milked. 

No thanks! Social media have shared snaps of posters, billboards and signs from the UK, US and further afield with the best examples collated into a online gallery by One sign, in the US, claimed you could ‘milk’ two people for the bargain price of just $5

Meanwhile, a bakery in Perth, Australia, assured its customers that they will be happy to ‘serve from behind’ – in an unintentionally not-safe-for-work double meaning.

Elsewhere a terrifying sign in Japan, got lost in translation and stated the building had ‘no exit’.

Another person spotted a Stop sign which vegans had embellished with the words ‘eating animals’ under the word ‘stop’ – before a meat eater added another response sign to say, ‘without BBQ sauce’. 

Here FEMAIL takes a look at some of the hilarious signs people spotted… 

Nice try vegans! Another person spotted a Stop sign for traffic which had been vandalised by animal rights activists who wanted to spread their message by adding ‘eating animals’. However, their efforts were thwarted when a meat eater added yet another message to the sign, encouraging people to eat meat – and add BBQ sauce to their meals

Panic! This alarming sign in Japan, wanted people to know they could not exit from these doors – but its message was lost in translation and instead suggested there was no way out at all 

‘Please ask’! While a bakery, in Perth , Australia, assured its customers that they will be happy to ‘serve from behind’ in an unintentionally inappropriate message

Yikes! A grocery store called the its control and weed killer aisle the ‘aisle of death’ and placed a skull above the sign  

Didn’t even know they could drive! Another hilarious sign spotted urged elephants to stay in their cars

Sign me up! Elsewhere someone, in New York, spotted a sign on a sewer cover that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were ‘now hiring’

This restaurant used a dry sense of humour to remind customers that its staff members should be treated with kindness 

When cosmetic surgery goes too far: A sign that would definitely stop you in your tracks was offering people ‘free robot legs’ 

Not falling for that! A disgruntled bus passenger went to the length of creating a fake poster for the bus company to express their anger at its service

Where’s the exit? Staff at this business clearly got sick of people who were unable to figure out how to open the door

Nope! This sign would definitely make you think twice about continuing on your wholesome hike 

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