Heartbroken England fans hit the beers after World Cup loss

Heartbroken England fans hit the beers as they drown their sorrows down the pub after World Cup loss

  • Some 15 million are expected to have watched  historic final on TV in England 

Heartbroken England fans have hit the beers as they drown their sorrows following the Lionesses’ World Cup final loss.

Despite the heroic efforts of goalkeeper Mary Earps and a second-half fightback, millions of supporters were left devastated by the tense match down-under.

And now they have continued to pack the pubs as they drink to drink to forget the dream – and celebrate the incredible team for making it so far.

Fans have continued the party in boxparks across the country while boozers that showed the game are have become a sanctuary for football fanatics to look back on the campaign.

A number of long delays in the second half meant a whopping 13 minutes of time was added on, giving Sarina Wiegman’s side hope of some last gasp heroics.

But it wasn’t meant to be as Spain clinched victory, becoming champions of the world, leaving English supporters heartbroken. 

England fans react to England’s loss against Spain during a screening of the Women’s World Cup 2023 final between Spain and England at BOXPARK Croydon

England fans left heartbroken as they watch the Spanish side become champions of the world in the King & Queen pub in Brighton

England fans hold their heads as they see the England team taken out by Spain in the final from the King & Queen pub in Brighton

Heartbroken fans decked out in Lionesses’ merchandise react to the loss at the All Points East music festival in Victoria Park, east London

Fans look on in devastation – but still continue to cheer the team – as the dream comes to an end at Box Park Wembley

Taking to social media, Brits have promised to celebrate despite the result – and honour the Lionesses’ amazing second place finish

Taking to social media, Brits have promised to celebrate despite the result – and honour the Lionesses’ amazing second place finish.

One – called Ruby – proudly said: ‘As much as we lost boxpark is still buzzing. We’re all partying and drunk like we won.

‘That’s the spirit of the Lionesses.

‘What a class say out regardless of the result.’

And another, called Bill, hit out at anyone bemoaning the result, saying: ‘We didn’t lose, we came second, which was better than not being there.

‘Let’s party and rejoice in our achievement.

‘Let’s party and enjoy the moment, got to be worth a drink, turn the music up. Thank you for your achievement.’ 

Tears and jeers greeted the final whistle, with fans holding their head in their hands while parents consoled tearful young children.

The crowd packed into the fan zone at Wembley Boxpark looked on glumly at the giant screen as the Spanish team celebrated their win.

Two friends collapsed into each other’s arms as they tried to hold back tears.

Tears and jeers greeted the final whistle, with fans holding their head in their hands while parents consoled young children

England fans were praying for a goal to keep the Lionesses’ World Cup dream alive 

Fans watched nervously as England attempted to claw a last-minute equaliser to rescue their dream

Devastation as England lose the World Cup final. Pictured is a heartbroken Lauren James 

Schoolgirl Tess Dolan – who a year ago captured the imagination of the nation as she celebrated at the Euro 2022 – sobbed in her mum Sam’s arms.

Sam said: ‘She is devastated.’

Members of the first England team to play in an international held their hands to their mouth and head in hands as the seconds ticked down to the final whistle.

There were a few jeers from the crowd the TV camera panned to the jubilant Spanish side with many inside the fan zone complaining about some of the tackling by Spain’s players.

Sarah McCormack said: ‘Absolutely gutted. I thought we had played quite well, but it was just not enough. I feel so sorry for all the young girls who they have inspired. It would have been wonderful to see them coming home with the trophy.’

Julie Alander said: ‘Now I know how the men feel every World Cup – but at least the women got to the final.’

The match had been a roller coaster of emotions for those fans packed in the Wembley Boxpark.

A collective groan had swept the indoor arena when Spain took the lead.

Fans embraced one another at the Boxpark Croydon as England failed to win the final 

Among those heartbroken supporters watching the match included members of the original 1972 Lioness team (pictured) 

Other fans were pictured wiping away tears as Spain beat England 1-0 in the final of the World Cup

Every England attack was greeted with cheers. The loudest came in the second half when Mary Earp saved a penalty.

The final whistle – after 13 minutes of injury time- was muted as the disappointment of losing out began to sink in.

Devastated fans quickly left the Boxpark which is in the shadow of the home of football – Wembley stadium.

Hazel McCormick said: ‘Really disappointed as I thought the Lionesses would win. They have given so much and deserve so much credit.’

Expectant supporters had their hearts in their mouths as the clock ticked away in 13 minutes of injury time during a frantic second-half.

England’s star striker, Lauren James – summoned from the bench in her first match since been red carded in the last 16 game – saw a shot tipped over the bar as hopes of a fightback were sparked after the missed penalty. 

But it was a match where England failed to capitalise on chances, with an early opportunity from Lauren Hemp sailing over the goal. 

England fans had been praying for a last-minute goal to keep the squad in the World Cup but it wasn’t meant to be 

Many watched the final minutes of the match through their fingers as England battled to stay in the tournament 

England players huddle after the team’s defeat following during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023

A number of players were booked during the bruising clash between the Lionesses and Spain, which left English defender Alex Greenwood bloodied having suffered a brutal knee to the head in the 80th minute.

Hopeful fans clutched their drinks in Victoria Park, Boxpark Croydon and Boxpark Wembley – while millions of others watched from pubs and their homes. 

Families decked in red and white continued to rally together and support the Lionesses during the high-tempo game.

Among the supporters included seven of the original Lionesses – who played in the UK’s first ever women’s international match. They watched the drama from Wembley Boxpark. 

Huge queues had formed outside fan zone ahead of kick-off, with excitement reaching fever pitch in London. 

The Lionesses had been hoping to claim the title for the first time, as well as becoming the first England team since 1966 to win a senior final on the world stage, in a match Lionesses captain Millie Bright described as the ‘game of their lives’.

It’s a tournament England had to battle through, first blighted by injury with some of its biggest stars unable to make the championship, before then losing striking ace Lauren James after she was sent off and banned for the Lionesses’ quarter and semi-final matches. 

Despite the setbacks though, supporters had been hopeful that Sarina Wiegman’s squad could pull off an historic win, with fans chanting ‘it’s coming home, it’s coming – football’s coming home’ on their way to watch the clash. 

‘Come on England!’ – these young football fans in Sydney were showing their patriotism, sporting England face paint and the English flag as they hope to watch the Lionesses against Spain

Let the party begin! Hundreds of fans have packed into fan zones across the UK to watch the Women’s World Cup final. Pictured are supporters at the Boxpark Croydon on Sunday 

And in Croydon, England fans are sinking the pints – with these two supporters opting to buy in bulk as they watch the match from the Boxpark fan zone

England fans have already started packing into Sydney ahead of England’s historic final against Spain

Hundreds of England fans watch England in the Women’s World Cup final match against Spain at Wembley Box Park fan zone in London

Three lions on tour! These England fans in Sydney were dressed up for the occasion as they arrived at Stadium Australia on Sunday 

High-spirited punters were cheering in the run up to the event, with huge crowds of England fans pictured celebrating in the shadow of Sydney famous Opera House. 

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Others danced and sang on boats as they made their way to fan zones across the Australian city, with many sinking pints along the way. 

‘I’m absolutely buzzing, I can’t wait. This is just going to be the best day ever,’ said one fan from outside the Opera House.

Speaking to Sky News ahead of the match, another supporter was hopeful England would finally bag their first victory in a World Cup final since that fateful 1966 clash against Germany.

‘It’s coming home without a shadow of a doubt,’ she said. ‘We’ve done the hard part now. I think we’ll win tonight, no bother at all.’

She added the stunning success of the Lionesses through the championship was ‘finally putting women’s football where it always belongs – right up there’.

England captain Millie Bright, 29, preparing for the biggest game of her life, said yesterday playing in the final was a dream come true for the players.

The Chelsea star added: ‘Everyone knows how big this is… As a group we’d like to say thank you, not only to the fans back home but the fans that are here as well. Stick with us one more game.’

Spirits are high in Sydney with more than 6,000 England fans expected to watch Sunday’s final. These fans were sporting England flags and kit – with one even dressed up as a lion

England flags and a pint of beer – these England fans know how to celebrate as they gear up to watch the final 

These young England fans in Sydney have come armed with signs and face paint as they gear up to watch the final 

Young England fans were in a celebratory mood inside Stadium Australia, Sydney, as the countdown to the Women’s World Cup final began

Some England fans rode through Sydney on an open-top bus, as the party atmosphere ahead of the historic clash reached fever pitch 

England fans show their support prior to the FIFA Women’s World Cup final match at Stadium Australia, Sydney

Cheering England supporters rode through Sydney on a bus as they travelled to Stadium Australia to witness the Women’s World Cup final 

England supporters are already on the beers in Sydney as anticipation builds ahead of today’s historic World Cup final 

Fans arrive ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Final match between Spain and England at Stadium Australia on August 20

England fans are jubilant this morning as they travel to Sydney, Australia to watch England take on Spain

The excitement reached fever pitch ahead of the historic clash, with huge queues having formed outside the fan zone in the shadow of Wembley Stadium two hours before kick off. 

Hundreds of supporters – mostly women and young girls – waited patiently outside Wembley Boxpark where they will watch the match on a giant screen.

Wearing England shirts and with the Union flags painted on their faces they were looking forward to the which final in Sydney which is expected to be watched by millions of fans at home.

One woman summed up the confidence of the fans by wearing a T shirt with the slogan ‘Football’s Coming Home’. Others draped themselves in flags.

‘This means so much to me and to all women,’ said 29-year-old Hollie Wheeler. ‘The Lionesses have done so much and become role models to people. I used to play football when no one really bothered about women’s football, but they have put the women’s game on the map.’

The party atmosphere is well underway at the Boxpark fan zone in Croydon with these supporters getting in the drinks before kick-off

Hundreds of fans have packed into the Boxpark fan zone ahead of the Women’s World Cup final 

Fans watch Fifa Women’s World Cup final game between England and Spain on the big screen at Boxpark in Wembley

Many fans at Boxpark were sporting England kit – with these supporters even wearing patriotic cowboy hats 

And this young England fan was all set to cheer on the Lionesses at the fan zone in Croydon

Other fans were pictured watching the game from Canada Square Canary Wharf, in London

Among those watching the match at Wembley were seven members of the original Lionesses – the England team who played in the UK’s first ever women’s international match.

The women wore T-shirts with the slogan ‘1972 Lionesses – Yes, we were the first’.

Seven of the original team were at the Wembley Boxpark where they were lauded and cheered by fans.

Now grey haired and in their 60s, the women were part of the historic first women’s international played in the UK when they took on Scotland in November 1972. England won the match 3-2.

Pat Davies, 68, who played centre forward in the match, said: ‘It is just unbelievable to be here.

‘I never thought that one day I would be watching the England women’s team in a World Cup final. It is amazing and I just hope that they can lift the trophy. It would mean so much.’

Davies, from Tenby, Wales, said the original members of the team had lost touch with other but got together last year when they were presented with medals on the 50th anniversary of the match.

Members of the original 1972 Lionesses team cheer as they watch a live broadcast of the Women’s World Cup final football match between Spain and England, at Boxpark Wembley in London

‘Beyond proud’: These England fans at Boxpark fan zone in Croydon show their support for the Lionesses with patriotic shirts 

Shouts and cheers of ‘it’s coming home’ could be heard from across the Boxpark Wembley on Sunday 

There was a party atmosphere at the Boxpark fan zone near Wembley with hundreds packed in to watch the final 

Young fans were able to get their faces painted ahead of the match between England and Spain

‘It is so wonderful to be here and to see so many fans cheering on the Lionesses.’

Mother-of-two Keara Smith had travelled from her home in Reading, Berkshire, with her sons Andre, 12, and Leon, 11, to watch the match and soak up the atmosphere inside the Boxpark venue.

‘This is the most important game of football since 1966,’ she said. ‘We got up very early to come here as we wanting to be part of the day.’

Another fan Rebecca Robinson, 25, said victory for the Lionesses will be a huge boost for the whole country.

‘If they win it will be such a boost for England. Everyone will be in such a good mood, and it will bring everyone in the country together.’

Fiona Frazer brought her five-year-old daughter Aria to the Boxpark and was among the first in the queue.

She said: ‘We’ve been watching all the games on the TV, but this is the special one. When we win, an it is when and not if, the whole country will celebrate.’ 

England fans are already queuing outside the fan zone near Wembley Stadium to watch the match

Spirits are high in London as fans and families gather to watch the historic Women’s World Cup final today 

Hundreds of supporters – mostly women and young girls – waited patiently outside Wembley Boxpark where they will watch the match on a giant screen

Wembley’s Boxpark fan zone was transformed into a sea of red and white as hundreds of England supported descended upon it 

‘It’s coming home’ – that’s the message from this family of England supporters outside London’s Boxpark fan zone today 

Her daughter was even more confident, saying: ‘Football’s coming home.’

Many of those queuing were die hard England fans who support both the women and men’s team.

They are all hoping the result is more favourable than the last time they were at the Boxpark when the watched England lose in the World Cup semi-final to France last December.

It was heartbreaking when the men’s team lost,’ said Sally Langmead. I am really hoping the women can go one better and win the World Cup. It will mean so much, not just to women’s football but the whole country.’

Wembley is one of three Boxpark venues in London.

All 2,500 tickets sold out within eight minutes of the Lionesses beating Australia to book their place in the final.

Around 12,500 people arrived at a fan zone in Victoria Park, east London, by 11.45am on Sunday to watch the final, a spokesperson for All Points East festival confirmed.

Thousands of fans adorned white and red to cheer on the Lionesses at Camp Bestival.

Supporters excitedly packed into the main stage to watch the game on the big screen at Weston Park in Shropshire.

Nineties icon Mr Motivator warmed up the crowd and finished his fitness routine by shouting ‘come on the Lionesses, it’s coming home!’

Festival organiser Rob Da Bank, who cleared space from the main stage schedule, and host Sara Cox introduced the game.

Zak Sanderson, 11, watching on the giant screen, told MailOnline: ‘I’m super excited for this. I’ve been cheering on the Lionesses all the way through the tournament. I think they have been the best team and I think they are going to win.

And what a place to watch it, with thousands of people all wanted our girls to do it.’

Zak Sanderson, 11, watching on the giant screen at Camp Bestival as the Lionesses kicked off against Spain 

‘It’s coming home!’: These England fans outside Sydney’s famed Opera House were confident the Lionesses could beat Spain in the Women’s World Cup final today 

The party atmosphere was in full swing on this boat in Sydney harbour as fans celebrated 

Jubilant supporters in Sydney are packing out pubs in Sydney ahead of the clash 

England fans were in high spirits on this boat in Sydney, Australia 

An army of 6,000 England fans are expected to watch the Lionesses take on Spain in the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday in Sydney (pictured are fans on their way to the stadium)

The England squad has already set off from its hotel as the final countdown before their historic World Cup final begins.

The players were seen stepping out of the Intercontinental in Sydney in their light blue tracksuits ahead of this morning’s clash with Spain – England’s first World Cup final since 1966.

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Supporters young and old gathered outside the hotel and cheered as their heroes boarded a maroon-coloured bus, branded with ‘The Final’ in gold lettering, to take them to Stadium Australia.

A huge 30 million pints are expected to be downed over the next 24 hours as England fans celebrate the finals today.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will even be in a pub in his constituency of Richmond, Yorkshire, to cheer on the Lionesses with fellow punters – although won’t be drinking booze.

In a dramatic rallying cry ahead of today’s clash against Spain in Sydney, King Charles declared: ‘Good luck today Lionesses, and may you roar to victory!’ His stirring message on social media was signed Charles R.  

With the country gripped with excitement, Football Association president Prince William apologised for not travelling to Australia.

Both he and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have come under fire for opting to stay at home, while Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter Infanta Sofia have jetted out to Sydney to cheer on the team.

Appearing in a video alongside his eight-year-old daughter Charlotte, Prince William said he was sorry he could not watch today’s match ‘in person’, but wanted to send ‘huge good luck’ to the Lionesses. Clutching an apparently well-used football in her lap, an excited Princess Charlotte added: ‘Good luck, Lionesses!’ 

King Charles last night urged the Lionesses to ‘roar to victory’ as the England women’s football team stood on the brink of history

King Charles said ‘Good luck today Lionesses, and may you roar to victory!’

Prince William has apologised for not attending the Women’s World Cup final to cheer on the Lionesses in video message with Charlotte

In an impassioned letter to ‘Sarina and all our Lionesses’ overnight, Mr Sunak heaped praise on the team for securing ‘a lasting legacy’ for women’s sport – and said he recognised the huge challenges some of them faced on their way to the top.

‘For many of you, the honour of putting on that England shirt was earned against the odds,’ Mr Sunak wrote. ‘It should never have been like that. At times, some of you were even stopped from playing. But you faced down outdated attitudes and fashioned your own opportunities to play.’

Mr Sunak, who will watch the match in a pub in his North Yorkshire constituency, said the Lionesses had made his daughters Krishna, 12, and Anoushka, 10, connect with the game.

‘For my daughters, and for every girl in this country, you have made football something for them; you have made them feel they belong on the pitch. So – in a way – you’ve already brought football home.’

Mr Sunak, who will watch the match in a pub in his North Yorkshire constituency, said the Lionesses had made his daughters Krishna, 12, and Anoushka, ten, connect with the game

England’s Lionesses booked their place in the World Cup final against Spain with a famous victory over Australia on Wednesday

England celebrates after Alessia Russo scores the team’s third goal in the World Cup semi-final

England Lionesses train on the pitch ahead of their final match on Sunday

Supporters are hoping the Lionesses will be able to pull off an historic victory, becoming the first national side to lift the World Cup since the men’s squad in 1966 (pictured)

It came amid a growing clamour for the team and manager to be honoured with royal gongs, as Bobby Moore’s widow urged the England team to summon the spirit of 1966 and win the ­trophy just like the men did.

Tory MP for Mid-Derbyshire Pauline Latham said: ‘They should all be honoured — win or lose. They absolutely deserve it.’

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Fellow Tory MP Kevin Foster added: ‘The Lionesses have inspired the whole nation and done us all proud. Well-earned gongs should be swiftly awarded.’

And Labour MP Chris Evans said: ‘Bobby Moore died without a gong because it took them so long to honour the 1966 side. Let’s not make the same mistake.

‘Win or lose, let’s recognise the incredible achievement of the Lionesses getting this far.’

The Lionesses reached the final at the 83,500-seat Stadium Australia with a resounding 3-1 victory against Australia in Wednesday’s semi-final. Up to 15 million are expected to tune into the BBC One or ITV coverage of today’s match, which kicks off at 11am.

It is thought the final will boost the UK economy by £185 million. Demand has jumped at supermarkets, with Waitrose stocking more breakfast items and English sparkling wine for the game, and Aldi expecting sales of crisps, burgers and prosecco to be significantly higher than usual.

Online fashion giant Boohoo revealed that searches for ‘Lionesses kit’ exploded by 3,981 per cent in the hours following the semi-final victory.

The King’s motivational message is a break with centuries of tradition.

When Queen Elizabeth wished the England men’s team good luck for the final of the Euro championships in 2021, she sent an official letter addressed to the team’s manager Gareth Southgate.

Lioness Rachel Daly celebrates after the end of the team’s semi-final match this week

Ella Toone celebrates after scoring England’s opening goal in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday

In a video posted online last night, Southgate told the Lionesses: ‘You are doing a brilliant job. There is of course no advice because you have done more than us already and you know what is needed to win.’

Charles III’s good-luck message to the women’s team was posted online at 9.30pm to coincide with dawn in Australia and appeared alongside a majestic picture of a lioness and the Royal crest. A Buckingham Palace source said: ‘Both Their Majesties will be following events with the greatest interest.’ Prince William and his family are expected to watch the final at Anmer Hall.

England men’s captain Harry Kane also urged the Lionesses to ‘bring home the trophy’.

‘It’s been an amazing journey so far and you should be really proud of yourselves,’ he wrote on Instagram. ‘We’re all behind you, we’re all supporting you and we know you can do it. So go and get that World Cup win and bring that trophy home.’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also sent a letter cheering on the Lionesses and recalled the impact that seeing them in action last year had on his daughter: ‘Last summer, when I took my daughter to watch your Euros semi-final game, she was immediately absorbed. Seeing how much you have inspired her has filled me with pride.’

In their final press conference before the match, Wiegman and England captain Millie Bright urged England to play the game of their lives. ‘We have felt the support, we have felt the support here, but also from the other side of the world in the UK,’ Wiegman said. ‘That’s something that you dream of.’

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