Spain's FA president Luis Rubiales is now 'considering resigning'

Spain’s ‘kiss-gate’ FA president Luis Rubiales is now ‘considering resigning’ as he’s handed a ‘quit or be banned’ threat by the government – and he could go as soon as tomorrow

  • Luis Rubiales’s position as Spain’s FA president is coming under huge pressure
  • He kissed Jenni Hermoso and seemed to grab his crotch at the World Cup final 
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Luis Rubiales, the Spanish FA’s controversial president, is reportedly considering resigning from his position after coming under mounting pressure in the wake of his behaviour at the World Cup final.

Rubiales hit the headlines on Sunday following Spain’s 1-0 triumph over England as kissed Spanish player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth and also appeared to grab his crotch around Spain’s queen and her 16-year-old daughter. 

He was widely condemned for his behaviour and, despite initially branding his detractors as ‘idiots’, eventually apologised for committing an act that Hermoso said she didn’t like. 

It was also announced on Thursday how FIFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the beleaguered football chief, although he has so far refused to step down.

However, according to Spanish outlet Marca, Rubiales is now considering his position given the significant pressure he faces, which included Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez demanding an explanation from him.

Luis Rubiales, the Spanish FA’s controversial president, is now reportedly considering his position after coming under huge pressure in the wake of his behaviour at the World Cup final

He kissed Jenni Hermoso on the mouth after Spain’s 1-0 victory over the Lionesses in Sydney

Rubiales also appeared to grab his crotch near the Spanish queen and her daughter 

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The report states that earlier this week Rubiales was still confident he could turn the situation around, but the continued furore over his behaviour has led him to believe his departure is the only valid option, with the 46-year-old described as ‘cornered’.

Meanwhile, AS also reported the government have handed Rubiales the option of resigning – and if he refuses to – they will declare him ‘unfit for office’ and ban him, with reports stating a suspension could range from anywhere between two to 15 years. 

Rubiales has lost significant support from a variety of stakeholders within Spanish football over the week, including FUTPRO – a union that represents Hermoso – who insisted his behaviour cannot go unpunished. 

Hermoso also rejected the chance to appear in Rubiales’ apology video, despite his pleas that ‘my position is at stake, do it for my daughters’. 

Spain’s women’s football league, Liga F, has similarly called for his dismissal and lodged a complaint with the president of the country’s sports council (CSD) after Rubiales’ ‘very serious actions and behaviour’. 

At the time of writing, Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad, Osasuna, and Getafe have all called for him to resign. 

On Friday, the Spanish Football Federation will hold an emergency meeting, where Rubiales will face questions over the fiasco ‘as a matter of urgency’.

The government are reportedly waiting to see what the result of this meeting is before acting but Miquel Iceta, the Spanish Minister of Sports, has insisted the government ‘cannot look the other way’ and that the results of the meeting ‘must be up to the task’.

Meanwhile, the Basque Football Federation confirmed they would not be attending the assembly, despite being Rubiales’s most trusted body, as reported by AS. 

Barcelona, Sociedad, Osasuna, Getafe, Las Palmas, and Deportivo Alaves will also not attend the emergency meeting.

Other members are considering following suit and even leaving the board of directors. 

‘Given the seriousness of what happened in the delivery of trophies for the World Championship final, and the subsequent management as a result of the events, the Basque Football Federation will not attend the RFEF (Spanish Federation) Assembly,’ a statement read. 

‘Also, in view of what happens in the coming days, a decision will be made on the continuity of our president in the board of directors of the RFEF.’ 

Meanwhile, other territorial federations have confirmed that they will attend the crunch meeting. They include Andalusia, Asturias or the Balearic Islands. 

The Spanish government (pictured – acting PM Pedro Sanchez) have handed Rubiales an ultimatum between resigning or facing a ban, which could range from between two to 15 years

The football chief has quickly lost support from a variety of stakeholders in Spanish football  

In a statement about their investigation into him, FIFA said: ‘The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will only provide further information on these disciplinary proceedings once it has issued a final decision on the matter.

‘FIFA reiterates its unwavering commitment to respecting the integrity of all individuals and strongly condemns any behaviour to the contrary.’

There is the added intrigue that the political pressure on Rubiales is potentially affecting Spain’s bid for the 2030 World Cup – which the 46-year-old has been central to. 

The RFEF has also launched an internal investigation into Rubiales, with the federation weighing up whether the football chief has breached their protocols to battle sexism, where ‘forced kissing’ is seen as an act that is highly punishable.

There have also been three formal complaints on whether he has committed an infraction of Spain’s sports law.


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