Watch horror moment rapper Jeleel suffers plunges off top of 40ft Nitro Circus ramp in terrifying bike trick accident | The Sun

RAPPER Jeleel plunged off the top of a 40 foot Nitro Circus ramp in a terrifying bike trick accident.

Stunt group Nitro Circus held at event in Anaheim, California where daredevil Jeleel- real name Abdul Jeleel Yussuf – was a guest performer.

The musician attempted to ride down a 40ft ramp on a tricycle but he ended up going off the side and tumbling down.

It left fans in shock as one said: "Jeleel a wild one."

Another posted: "Legit my biggest fear with Jaleel praying he’s alright."

One added: "Yikes."

Another said: "This is crazy I hope he's ok."

Jeleel later posted on social media to reassure fans and showed off a horror graze across his body.

He said: "I’m good y’all! Appreciate everyone’s concerns, walked out the hospital with a few stitches! Alhumdullilah!"

Jeleel likened his hyperactive performing style to Nitro Cirus and the WWE in an interview with GRAMMY.

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He said: "My aesthetic is like Monster Energy.

"You know, Nitro Circus, Jeff Hardy-esque, early 2000s WWE aesthetic. It's very Y2K, but I like that extreme stuff.

"A lot of artists now are doing the Y2K punk aesthetic — all black — but I'm more like electric green."

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