Amanda Holden admits to ‘intense’ and ‘sexual’ moment with Strictly star

Amanda Holden revealed an "intense" moment she shared with Strictly star Pasha Kovalev.

The star has been busy shooting a brand new series titled SEX: A Bonkers History for Sky HISTORY where she explored intimate shenanigans through different time periods.

During one episode, Strictly professional dancer Pasha was tasked with teaching Amanda a periodic dance which was said to be very risqué at the time.

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Talking about her routine at the screening of the show, which she performs in episode two, Amanda said: "Ah Pasha, he was so patient with me, it took me ages to learn that.

"It's amazing to be part of anything he's involved in."

She added: "And just thinking about how you weren't even allowed to hold hands basically and then to be that intimate, it was weird even having that moment with him just on that one afternoon, so just to imagine how people felt centuries ago – it's incredible."

In the episode, Amanda also described what used to be seen as a "sexual" routine as a very "intense" experience.

Amanda also shared that she was drawn to the role as she was able to wear "wigs and corsets".

She shared: "One of the reasons I took the gig was so I could wear wigs and corsets. It was so much fun…

"I loved learning about the Spartans with the wafty outfits and the javelin throwing but it was filmed in Crystal Palace.

"They told me it was going to be somewhere much more exotic, then they took me down to Crystal Palace, it was November when I put that toga on, and it was from ASOS."

Amanda hosted the show alongside TV historian Dan Jones – who was left in pain during filming after a dominatrix whipped him.

The BGT star explained: "We were talking to this dominatrix and it was primarily for me the scene, but we decided that we needed Dan as we needed a subject for the lady.

"We thought it was just a telly thing. Anyway, she gets her flipping cat of nine tails out as a whip and it really hurt him. And I was like Ninja and I was like, 'c'mon'.

"Anyways, that was an interesting afternoon, he leaped into the playground picking up one of his children."

Sex: A Bonkers History is available on Sky HISTORY from Monday, 18th September.

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