Braless Katie Price accidentally flashes fans after it’s revealed she’s ‘in agony from wonky boobs’ | The Sun

KATIE Price might have revealed more than she intended during her latest TikTok livestream.

The ex glamour model, 55, was braless when she lifted up her top, giving her fans an unexpected eyeful.

Katie was wearing a burgundy tracksuit and appeared to be in a closet while chatting to fans on the platform.

The TV personality recently admitted she's been left in agony from her 'wonky' boob job.

She only went under the knife earlier this year, but Katie's already planning her next big op.

A source said: "Katie has been in agony with her new boobs as they are too big for her tiny frame, so they are giving her constant back ache.

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"She's having sleepless nights because she can't get comfy, so she's already having second thoughts about going so big with them.

"She had this exact issue the last time she got massive implants in, and that was a big part of the reason why she had them taken out in 2016, but she'd hoped this time would be different.

"Now her pals think it will only be a matter of months before she gets them taken out again. Adding to her woes is the fact that she's convinced her boobs look wonky and one is bigger than the other.

"She keeps looking at pictures of herself and asking others close to her if they look uneven."

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Katie was determined to take a step towards owning the biggest boobs in Britain when she had her 16th boob op, boasting 2120 CC implants.

However, the experiment could now be shortlived.

The Sun reached out to Katie for comment at the time.

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