Coronation Streets Jenny and Stephen heartbroken as love story ends

Coronation Street: Tim is attacked by Stephen

Coronation Street’s Jenny Connor (played by Sally-Ann Matthews) and Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) were both left heartbroken when they separately realised their love journey had come to an end.

During Monday night’s episode, Carla Connor (Alison King) warned Jenny not to move to Thailand after Stephen had stolen £250,000 from the Underworld account and drugged her with LSD.

Jenny was in denial and didn’t believe that he could do such a thing, but it wasn’t until he told Jenny that he had found a bank account to open and would need her help securing the account.

As the day went on she spoke with Roy Cropper (David Neilson) for some advice and quickly realised that maybe moving to Thailand wasn’t the best idea.

Stephen returned home after attacking Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and revealed to Jenny that he thought they should move quicker than planned, being the next day.

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This rang alarm bells for Jenny and without alarming Stephen to anything being wrong, she expressed she wanted to wait a month so they could secure a house and jobs.

However, for Stephen, this wasn’t an option and as he made his way to the kitchen to make the pair a cup of tea they both let out a small cry, heartbroken their relationship didn’t work.

Jenny actress Sally-Ann Matthews recently opened up about how Jenny and Stephen came to realise their romance had come to an end.

She told and other press: “Stephen hasn’t done anything wrong in Jenny’s eyes because she has never seen him be violent, he has only ever been supportive and kind to her and that is because he loves her.

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“He has not had an ulterior motive with Jenny at all, and it is only when the net is closing in on Stephen and he says about moving to Thailand tomorrow that something starts.

“She tests the waters and some kind of self-preservation kicks in and she says ‘We’ll just delay going to Thailand’ and ‘It’ll be fine and he is going to be right and that will be fine’.

“But when he says ‘I have found the bank account’, she starts to have flashbacks of what her dad did to Rita [Tanner] and I think she has that moment where she thinks this isn’t love.

“He wants her money and Jenny has that moment of loss and the same for Stephen when Jenny says ‘No we are going to delay it’ and he goes to the kitchen and you see his heartbreak which I think is really important.

“Ultimately it is a love story as well and if he had not been a murderous b*****d, they would have had a really good time together.

“She is heartbroken that he has done this but as far as she is concerned he is a con-man and a fraudster and he is after her money.

“She isn’t aware that he has murdered anybody because she is not privy to that information.”

Is Jenny in danger?

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