Coronation Streets Sarah Platt in denial as Stephens crimes rock cobbles

Coronation Street: Tim is attacked by Stephen

Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt (played by Tina O’Brien) and her family must now live with the torment that Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) has left behind after his death.

Sarah has always been her uncle’s biggest supporter and desperately wanted to be like him and have his business mindset, even moving to Milan with him.

When she realised that Stephen had been stealing from Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) she confronted him, not knowing that he had done a lot worse over his year back in Weatherfield.

Sarah and Jenny Connor (Sally-Ann Matthews) found themselves at the forefront of Stephen’s anger as he hit Sarah over the back of the head and held Jenny hostage with a broken bottle.

The residents of Weatherfield and the Platt family must now deal with the aftermath of Stephen’s crimes with Sarah and Audrey both being in denial.

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Speaking to and other press about how Sarah felt after the revelations, Tina O’Brien said: “I think she is in denial.

“I think that it is David that is really kind of going ‘Hang on a minute’. She wants to believe the uncle that she went to Milan with, the man who supported her and helped her in her career.

“And that isn’t what he is, so I think it is a huge shock when she starts to realise that is the case.

“I don’t think for a second that he would hurt any of the Platts, that is family and I don’t think that she or anyone else would be in danger.

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“I think if she thought he was dangerous she would never have tried to have a word with him, I think she still believes that at the end of the day, he is her uncle.

“And that maybe there have been miscommunications or maybe people, she knows about Rufus, maybe Rufus was an accident.

“They don’t know so I think she believes that they as a family could get through to him.”

Whilst the weight of Stephen’s crimes hangs over the family, Sarah also has to worry about whether her job at Underworld is secure after Stephen stole £250,000.

Will the Platt family be able to come together in their time of need? How will Sarah cope with the fact her life has been ripped apart once again?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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