ITV viewers moved as teen star death confirmed in heartbreaking tribute

ITV viewers have been left heartbroken following the death of a teenager who starred in one of their hit shows.

The latest episode of Love Your Garden, fronted by Alan Titchmarsh, focused on Harri Torr, 15, who was battling terminal cancer.

The sick youngster had been dreaming of a "bucket list" garden, and the ITV team was happy to help.

Throughout the show, they discussed Harri's cancer battle in significant detail, as it was confirmed that he had already lost a leg because of the disease.

As his journey continued, just two weeks after getting the all-clear and doing the famous ringing of the bell, Harri was hit with the devastating news that his cancer had returned.

Doctors confirmed to Harri and his family that his osteosarcoma cancer was back, but tragically it had spread to other parts of his body quickly, and it was terminal.

Harri's mum Erika, explained the moment that she was told the life-changing news: "They told us we don't think his leg will be saveable.

"He got the all clear and rang the bell, but two weeks later the cancer had spread."

As the conversation with Alan, 74, continued, Harri shared his life expectancy: "They say between three and 12 months."

Before adding: "I was more worried about my family than myself and what they would have to come to terms with.

"It’s about making the most of life even if you have a condition or cancer, you have to live every day like you’re dying.

"That’s how you have to live your life."

Alan then explained to the viewers at home that Harri has created a bucket list, and one of the things on the list is a garden to spend the time he has left with his mum.

The expert team quickly got to work on the back garden and created the outside area of dreams, featuring a unique outdoor cinema with a pizza oven, as well as a nature area and a pond.

In a touching move, Alan added a special section for planting a tree after Harri had died, which was also on Harri's bucket list.

The family was stunned when they went outside and looked at the transformation for the first time.

This special episode was first broadcast in February 2020, but ITV replayed it this week, announcing that the youngster died in March of that year.

They said: "And we're very sad to say that since this programme was made, teenager Harri has passed away."

The news left the viewers at home heartbroken, as one fan said: "What a remarkable lad Harri was. I am in awe of people like him."

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