China’s military unveils first test of ‘world’s most powerful gun’ with Sci-fi weapon that can launch shells at 2,200mph | The Sun

CHINA'S military is testing the "world's most powerful gun" that can launch shells at an incredible speed of 2,200mph.

The futuristic Sci-fi weapon can reportedly fire a missile-size projectile within seconds as it paves a path for more accurate and catastrophic attacks.

The Chinese navy is reportedly testing the planet's most powerful coil gun which includes a giant electromagnetic launcher.

In its first firing test, the mega-weapon accelerated a 237lbs projectile at a mind-blowing speed of 435mph in less than 0.05 seconds, according to those involved in the project.

This is reportedly the largest known projectile launch to date, but while the exact dimensions and maximum range of the weapon remain classified, a shell moving at this rapid speed could hit a target several kilometres away.

Coil guns, also known as magnetic accelerators, could revolutionise the way wars are fought and carve a path toward more devastating attacks on enemy targets.


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They could even potentially launch missiles or send satellites into space.

This latest weapon features a series of coils arranged along the barrel of the gun, each one constituting a “stage”.

Each coil is energised one after another to create a magnetic field that can levitate and push a projectile forward.

The projectile in a coil gun remains centred in the electromagnetic coil during launch, preventing contact with the barrel wall and allowing for speedy, repeated firing without wear on components.

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The coil gun has several advantages over traditional artillery, including higher launch speeds, lower launch costs, and shorter preparation time, according to Professor Guan Xiaocun with the Naval University of Engineering.

“It has the potential for revolutionary breakthroughs in terms of speed, range, power, accuracy, safety, flexibility, and reliability,” Guan wrote in a paper for the Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society this month.

“It is widely applicable in areas such as weapon systems, near-Earth satellites, and high-speed missile launches.”

The Chinese military has also heavily invested in a much larger 30-stage coil gun, which is still reportedly in its testing phase.

Ma Weiming, the lead scientist of the Chinese military's electromagnetic launch program, wrote in a June research paper that the Naval University of Engineering has overcome several challenges in building the large coil gun.

Ma said the challenges involved designing and manufacturing large-caliber coils with high magnetic density and compact pulsed power technology.

He also added that China was developing a far more powerful coil gun capable of launching a projectile at a speed of 2236mph which could push the weapon’s kill range to over 100km.

It remains unclear when and whether or not the 30-stage coil gun will be deployed in the field.

But this is not the first time China has tested this type of technology.

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In February 2018, China conducted the first successful test-firing of a railgun at sea, using its railgun prototype on the Type 072III Haiyang Shan landing ship testbed.

The weapon was reported to have fired a 25kg projectile at a target 250km away with a projectile velocity of 2,575 metres per second.

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