How Putin is sending deadly beauties to spy on Britain and the US after they attend ‘seduction schools' | The Sun

AN EXPERT says Putin is sending deadly beauties to spy on Britain and the US – after they attend "seduction schools".

Former spook Philip Ingram said that the Kremlin's "madames" are running networks of glam spies in UK suburbs.

Philip told The Sun: "The Russians have got a school for it, where they put people through for a degree of training.

"They have got madames that will run networks across different cities in Europe.

"They will teach them the art of seduction as part of their wider intelligence training,

He added: "They will always assess people to see whether they would be willing to go that little bit more for Mother Russia.

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"The job is to go round high powered parties and events and get into people's inner circles.

"It is a very old Cold War tactic. Sidle up to middle aged men or women compromise people – it's also a tactic used by the Chinese.

"The Russians will use any mechanisms that they possibly can to gain Kompromat on individuals.

"They have networks of people in London and cities across the UK."

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Philip's claims about Moscow's "seduction schools" come after cops unravelled an alleged Russian spy ring said to be working in suburban west London and the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth.

Cops have not said whether any of the ring's alleged members are believed to have attended a "seduction school".

The latest alleged spy to be snared is "timid" 29-year-old Vanya Gaberova – a glamorous eyelash extension expert working in a suburban beauty parlour in Acton, west London.

She is the youngest member of an alleged spy ring made up of Bulgarian nationals.

Locals have told how Vanya was an unlikely candidate to spy for the Kremlin.

The manager of Portuguese restaurant Villamoura – opposite Gaberova's shop Pretty Woman – said: "She was very timid, discreet, she came across as normal.

"I wouldn’t have suspected her of being a spy but if she was, she was a good one. I knew her for two or three years and I never expected that."

He revealed Gaberova would visit the restaurant for coffees and teas as well as "cheese and chorizo sandwiches".

The brunette is said to have lived a quiet life in west London with her partner, an unnamed decorator and "big guy".

Vanya won prizes at the Grand Balkan Lash and Brow Championship in 2019 for her classic lashes and 2/3D volume.

Photos posted on social media show her posing with a trophy and a certificate.

One trophy was displayed at her West London beauty salon, which she ran before her arrest in February.

She was rounded up with three men and another woman following a joint Met Police and MI5 investigation.

Gaberova and boyfriend Ivan Stoyanov, of Greenford, West London, were bailed.


Vanya was rounded up with three men and another woman following a joint Met Police and MI5 investigation.

A couple, Bizer Dzhambazov, 41, and Katrin Ivanova, 31, of Harrow, North West London, were initially charged along with Orlin Roussev, 45, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, with possession of false documents.

Glam Katrin is understood to have moved to Harrow in north west London with Bizer, 41, more than 10 years ago.

But they were snatched by anti-terror cops in February after their cover was blown – and have been in custody ever since.

A woman living opposite the couple said they put up “chunky” security cameras on the front of their home.

She said: "We were concerned they were pointing at our house but of course now we suspect it was pointing at the road.”

“They used to have a van come quite late at night, around midnight to 1am, and they would load it up.

"We thought they were just doing deliveries. We never spoke to them and they never spoke to us."

The neighbour added that a number of people used to come in and out of the property while the couple lived there. 

Bulgarian nationals Ivanova and Dzhambazov have been charged with holding UK, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek and Czech passports with "improper intention".

They were arrested under the Official Secrets Act alongside fellow Bulgarian Orlin Roussev, 45.

All three are set to go on trial at the Old Bailey in London in January.

They spent the last decade in the UK building up seemingly normal lives – hiding in plain sight.

Former neighbours of the couple said they brought round pies and cakes as gifts.

Dzhambazov has reportedly worked as a hospital driver, while Ivanova worked as a private sector laboratory assistant. 

The pair also ran a Bulgarian community organisation, which introduces Bulgarians into the "culture and norms of British society".

The couple are also understood to have worked for electoral commissions in London, which help Bulgarian nationals living outside the country to vote in its elections.


Redhead model Anna Chapman, 36, was arrested in the US as part of the top secret Illegals Program – a network of Russian sleeper agents spying on the FBI.

Dubbed Russia's "most glamorous secret agent", she was one of ten Russian spies exchanged for poisoned MI6 agent Sergei Skripal in July 2010.

She was among a group of spooks who tried to blend into American society in an apparent bid to get close to power brokers and learn secrets.

Chapman taunted the West by appearing on the cover of Russian Maxim is a secret agent in lingerie, armed with a gun, just months after her release.

Born in Volograd, Anna's links to the West began aged 19 during her time as an economics student at Moscow University.

Chapman, who was born Anna Kushchenko but retains her married name, travelled to London during her summer holidays.

It was then when she met public schoolboy Alex Chapman, who she married in 2002, at an underground rave party in London's Docklands.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2010 – four years after their divorce – Alex dubbed the meet as love as first sight.

Alex Chapman was just 36 when he died two years ago and was last listed as living in Bournemouth, Dorset, it has been reported.

Aside from being somewhat of an Instagram celebrity (she has more than 100,000 followers), Chapman is now largely a TV presenter and model.

On her social media post, flooded with sultry snaps, she says she works as a host for REN TV, one of the largest privately funded stations in Russia.

She is reported to have given birth to her first child – a son – at a private Moscow clinic in April 2016 but would not reveal the father's identity.

Anna was once ordered by the Kremlin to seduce whistle-blower Edward Snowden as part of a ruse to keep him in Moscow following his high-profile defection.

During an interview for the Bond girl-esque issue of Maxim, Chapman hinted her secret weapon was her ability to seduce the opposite sex.


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Asked whether Russians, Brits or Americans are easiest to seduce, she replied: "Seduction, like love and friendship, are the same everywhere."

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