Shocking act by Australia Post workers captured on video

Australia Post workers seen hurling parcels into vans in Sydney, sparking customer outrage

  • Australia Post workers seen throwing packages
  • Company has apologised and is investigating
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Shocking footage has emerged of Australian Post workers hurling packages into a delivery van, sparking outrage from customers. 

The trio were filmed in a Sydney distribution centre and were allegedly laughing as they took turns tossing packages into the back of the van.

Two other colleagues can be seen watching on. 

One worker in the footage armed with a parcel is seen walking up to the van before pacing himself and steadying his hand before finally careening it into the vehicle. 

‘The way Aus Post treats people’s packages … just throwing them around, like no one gives a s*** … look at them,’ the man who shared the footage says.  

‘What a joke.’

Footage has captured Australia Post workers casually throwing packages into a delivery van in a Sydney distribution centre

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Australia Post customers voiced their outrage at the alarming footage as millions prepare to trust the company with their parcels as Christmas looms. 

‘I think it’s terrible, because we buy and protect our presents with so much love, and for someone to just trash them like that,’ Sylvia Gill told 7News.

Australia Post apologised for their workers and vowed to investigate the incident. 

‘The vast majority of our network takes pride in their job delivering for all Australians, and it’s disappointing to see it’s not the case here,’ it said.

‘These actions are not in line with the service standards we expect of our people.’

“Australia Post regularly reminds team members about correct handling procedures.”

The latest controversy facing the Post comes after a report from Compare the Market which found that 46 per cent of online shoppers experienced issues with its delivery of internet purchases. 

A quarter of those surveyed reported that the delivery was late while another 14 per cent said that it did not arrive at all. 

Australia Post apologised for its workers and has promised to investigate the incident 

Chris Ford from Compare the Market said that a common misconception of contents insurance is that it can insure products are not damaged during their delivery. 

Mr Ford claims that it really only protects packages after they have already arrived at their destination. 

During Christmas 2022 Australia Post delivered 52 million parcels in December and general manager Gary Starr said that it is preparing for another busy season.

 As the national demand for postal deliveries surges again, Australia Post has advised customers to have their parcels posted by Monday December 13 for them to be delivered by Christmas Day.

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