Videos capture cruise guests who got back to the ship too late

Not such a bon voyage: From brutal bye-byes to pleading passengers, videos capture cruise guests who got back to the ship too late…

Think you are having a bad day? It can’t be as bad as these unlucky passengers who embarrassingly missed their cruise ship departure time.

Over the years clips have been shared of so-called ‘pier runners’, who are jeered on by thousands of other passengers as they make the long, awkward journey down the jetty.

From this to being sarcastically waved goodbye by crew members as they leave them on dry land, some holidaymakers were left kicking themselves for their poor time keeping.

MailOnline has rounded up some of the most humiliating moments for late cruise passengers caught on camera.

Thousands watch on while embarrassed couple scream and shout as they miss ship departure

Last week hilarious footage showed a tourist couple on a quayside screaming and begging for a cruise ship captain to wait for them as fellow passengers watched on.

The two travellers at the port of Bari in south-eastern Italy as the MSC Splendida was departing for its nine-day tour of the Mediterranean on August 15.

The couple missed the scheduled departure time and when they arrived at quay 11 the gangway of the 1,100ft ship had already been removed. 

The man was heard repeatedly shouting and pleading: ‘Is the captain there, please?’ He later added: ‘Captain, wait for us, please. You can do it if you want to.’ 

One of the more than 4,000 passengers on board filmed the scene and could be heard chuckling in the background.

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The couple (pictured) missed the scheduled departure time and when they arrived at quay 11 the gangway of the 1,100ft ship had already been removed

The woman filming said to another passenger: ‘What is he saying? What does it mean? Oh maybe he missed the cruise.’

A British guest on board, who said her family had spent £8,000 for the cruise, slammed the ship’s crew for abandoning the couple.

She told MailOnline: ‘I was on that cruise with my family when it happened. We were at lunch when they made only one announcement for two Italian-sounding names and then nothing further.

‘The cruise didn’t leave even a minute over time. We felt there was little to no effort to find those people whether they were there or not.’

Happy honeymoon! Couple run alongside ship that leaves them behind… with all their belongings on board

Back in 2019 a hapless couple were caught on camera desperately chasing a Royal Caribbean cruise ship as it sailed without them while they were on their honeymoon.

Maria Gonzalez Roesch and Alessandro Di Palma ended up stranded when they arrived just minutes after their ship Symphony of the Seas left Nassau, Bahamas, on February 15.

Mrs Gonzalez Roesch, a famous TV actress in their home country of Costa Rica, spoke of the ‘nightmare’ moment they realised the ship was leaving without them – with their money and passports on board. 

They even claimed that the ship’s crew were mocking as they ran alongside the huge vessel.

A person from a neighbouring ship caught the newlyweds on camera waving frantically as the Symphony of the Seas left them behind 

‘There was a platform with two crew members and they were mad with us. We started yelling to them “please, please let us on the cruise is still here”.

‘But the guys said “you are not going to be so lucky and we are closing the doors and leaving”,’ the 26-year-old told The Sun.

She told the news website they had started to panic once they realised their  passport, visas, and credit cards remained on board the ship.

However these were retrieved by a smaller boat which had been guiding the large ship out of the harbour.

The pair had been enjoying their honeymoon after marrying in late January.

According to a person who shot the video from the deck of the nearby Norwegian Bliss, the all-aboard call came at 3.30pm.

At 4.15pm, workers began removing the gangway and closing the hatch.

About five minutes later, the clueless couple showed up, arms laden with shopping bags from their excursion on shore.

At first frantic and waving, the couple quickly sink into dejection as the ship’s propellers begin to churn the water. 

Other passengers on the Symphony of the Seas can be seen looking on complacently from their balconies as the ship pulls away from the stranded couple.

Mrs Gonzalez Roesch and her husband are seen speaking to several dockworkers as the ship pulls away. 

Forlorn, the couple walk down the pier as the ship pulls away, looking across the water after it.  

One-way plane tickets from Nassau to Miami run about $180 apiece. 

On board passengers cheer as three latecomers make humiliating walk onto ship

In the same year three passengers who held up an entire cruise ship were sarcastically cheered back on board after making an embarrassing run down a jetty.

While preparing to leave from port in Bermuda earlier this month, a Norwegian Cruise ship was held up the straggling tourists, who were not on board for the original leaving time of 2.30pm.

Unwilling to wait, the crew announced the missing passengers’ names on the ship’s intercom, before pulling up the gangway as they prepared to depart, according to a witness on board.

However, footage then shows crew members go back on their decision, holding by the jetty in hope they would appear.

About 20 minutes after the original departure time the trio sure enough appeared in the distance, one in front carrying bags and another two behind.

Realising the hundreds of passengers already on board might be furious with them, the lagging pair begin to jog down the jetty.

Two passengers were seen jogging and a third strolling towards the cruise ship full of passengers who had waited 30 minutes past the original departure time for them to arrive

Panting, the the pair make it to the security desk where they appear to apologise and quickly explain their story as they are ushered to get on board

All of a sudden passengers begin to cheer them on as they get closer, while one woman in front walks casually.  

After what feels like a painful few minutes, the trio meet security in front of the ship.

The jogging pair could be seen panting as they appear to make their apologies to staff at the gate before getting on board.

Despite the warm cheers as they rushed to get on board, one passenger can be heard shouting ‘hurry up’ as they walk up the gangway and safety board the ship.

Crew members hilariously usher families running to catch boat to the soundtrack of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

In an embarrassing video families can be seen racing to catch their cruise ship before it leaves the port in Cozumel. 

The Carnival Cruise passengers are sarcastically ushered down the jetty by crew members as the lyrics of The Proclaimers sound ‘I would walk 500 miles’. 

A young girl clutches her swimming noodle and towel as her amused father runs behind her, recording the humiliating moment on his phone. 

Two crew members then give tired passengers piggy backs down the jetty and are jeered on by onlooking tourists. 

Pier runners in Cozumel running to the Carnival Celebration!#carnivalcelebration2023 #puertamaya #carnival #carnivalcelebration #pierrunner

The Carnival Cruise passengers can be seen racing down the jetty as crew members sarcastically usher them on

‘Leave mom behind!’: Dad and kids race towards cruise ship as mother struggles to keep up 

These pier runner left hundreds of other passengers in hysterics as they raced down the jetty to get on to the cruise ship. 

A man can be seen running down the pier clutching onto two beach towels.

As if things aren’t stressful enough, he then drops one of the towels and scrambles to retrieve it, much to the enjoyment of onlookers from the boat who cheer them on. 

He then triumphantly races down towards the ship holding the towels as if he is celebrating finishing the end of a marathon.

Behind him are his wife and two children, who sprint away from her, with one amused passenger shouting down to them: ‘Leave mom behind!’

They are then followed by other latecomers who appear exhausted from the long sprint. 

Passengers Late for Cruise Ship!!! Mom Left Behind!!! #pier runner, #late for ship

A man triumphantly runs down the pier with two beach towels as he races to catch the cruise ship before it is too late

Tourists run the race of their life to get on cruise ship before it is too late 

In another video, tourists on a carnival cruise also sprint as if they are on an athletics track.

Dozens of holidaymakers can be seen advancing towards the two ships while passengers cheer them on. 

A crew member standing on the jetty even ushers the passengers on while on board customers whistle and jeer.

Two passengers finally make their way onto the ship but there are dozens more behind them who still are yet to make it. 

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Dozens of latecomers are greeted by other passengers who cheer and whistle as they leg it down the pier towards the ships

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