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Fans of the Android giant Samsung have been snapping up a budget-friendly, refurbished handset that's been reduced by a staggering 51% on Amazon.

Since the considerable reduction in price, the Samsung Galaxy J5 has been getting snapped up by customers for £67.97, down from £140 – that's an absolute steal.

  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (refurb), £67.97 (was £140) – buy from Amazon

With Christmas fast approaching, you may still be looking for a quick present for an older family member or for someone who is after a simplistic device that makes calls and sends texts without all the added frills and complexities of a flagship device.

There's a huge range of choices out there when it comes to picking up an Android device, and it's very much worth doing a bit of research to ensure you're getting a device suited to your needs.

So, it's a good idea to browse through our Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel 6a article to see how different budget-friendly Androids stack up against one another.



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It's worth remembering that the Galaxy J5 is a refurbished device which is partly why it's so affordable.

As to be expected when shopping refurbished, you won't be met with that new phone smell when you unbox the device, but it has been rigorously tested, cleaned and inspected by Amazon's official vendors to ensure it's as close to new as possible.

When shopping for refurbs, you may feel a little hesitant making the purchase compared to a brand-new device, so if you need more info before deciding, it's worth having a look over our refurbished tech guide.

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While the J5 is definitely a simple device, its low cost and ability to perform all the necessary functions of a device have meant it's still going down a treat over on Amazon as we spotted it sat at the number 3 spot in the retailer's best sellers in refurbed phones topping other devices like Apple's iPhone 13 Pro.

The screen is a 5.2-inch AMOLED, so while it's a bit smaller than the current screens on the market, it still displays your movies, games and social media in full HD, so you're not compromising on picture quality with the older phone.

If you only take the odd pic here and there, something we all want from a mobile device, both the rear and front cameras are 13 megapixels, so you won't win any national geographic photo awards. You'll still be able to capture memories. You'll go on to cherish.

Just because it's an older model doesn't mean you'll not get a full day of use out of it. With a 3,000 mAh battery, you'll get up to 21 hours of talk time before needing to recharge.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 also has an excellent 4.2-star rating on Amazon, with shoppers raving about how they are 'very pleased with this phone,' and it's'great value for money'.

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  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (refurb), £67.97 (was £140) – buy from Amazon

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