The Royal Family GCSE results revealed including Harrys difficult time at Eton

Teenagers across the country will likely be full of stress as they collect their GCSE results today, a feeling that even the Royal Family will not have been immune from.

And while the Royals may have had the privilege of attending some of the country's most prestigious schools, with both Prince William and Prince Harry having attended the £42,501 a year Eton College, that doesn't mean they all achieved straight A*s and As.

Attending schools such as Eton College, Gordonstoun, and Marlborough College, the royals are a rather mixed bag when it comes to academic success, something that's likely true of families up and down the country.

Prince William

Once labelled "Britain’s brightest royal", Prince William left Eton College in 2000 with 12 GCSEs and three A-Levels.

And while it's not known exactly what he achieved on GCSE results day in 1998, it has been reported that William's academic achievements included A*s and As in English and History, among other subjects.

Continuing his studies at Eton, William then went on to achieve an A in Geography, B in Art and C in Biology A-Levels.

He then attended the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he met now wife Kate Middleton. Originally enrolled to study Art History, William later switched to Geography, from which he graduated with a 2:1.

Prince Harry

Like his elder brother, Prince Harry also attended the prestigious Eton College, but he was perhaps not as academically gifted as William.

In his memoir Spare, published earlier this year, Harry wrote: "Sport, I decided, would be my thing at Eton." Which he certainly achieved, becoming House Captain of Games and representing the school at rugby, cricket and polo.

And despite being open about how he found exams a “nightmare”, Harry did go on to achieve 11 GCSEs, and two years later he completed his A-Levels with a B in Art and D in Geography.

Deciding that further studying wasn't for him, Harry then opted against going to University, and instead joined the Army.

Kate Middleton

While not a royal by blood, the Princess of Wales still attended the prestigious Marlborough College in Wiltshire, which now costs a whopping £15,600 per term.

Kate excelled both academically and in sports, achieving 11 GCSEs and captaining the tennis team and representing the school internationally in hockey.

She then received As in Maths and Art and B in English at A-Levels, and taking a gap year ahead of her time at university, Kate took part in the volunteer Raleigh International programme.

Kate attended the University of St Andrews, from which she graduated with a 2:1 in History of Art.

King Charles

King Charles (then Prince Charles) attended the extremely strict Gordonstoun boarding school, which combines learning with physical education.

It's been widely reported that the Royal did not enjoy his time at the school, and was even bullied by his fellow students. However, he did graduate with five O-levels (now called GCSEs) and two A-levels, a B in History and a C in French.

He then attended Cambridge University, graduating with a 2:2 in History.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Perhaps surprisingly for siblings, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie attended different schools, with Beatrice studying at St George’s School in Ascot and Eugenie at Malborough College.

Eugenie achieved two A*s, four As and three Bs in her GCSEs, and later graduated with three A-levels with As in Art and English Literature and a B in History of Art.

She then went on to study English Literature, History of Art and Politics at Newcastle University, from where she graduated with a 2:1.

Beatrice, who was appointed Head Girl during her final year, achieved nine GCSEs, two of which were A*s, and at A-Levels received an A in Drama and Bs in History and Film Studies. She then studied History and History of Ideas at Goldsmiths University, graduating with a 2:1.

Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips

Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips both attended Gordonstoun, where unlike the King they appeared to thrive, both garnering some impressive sporting prowess, with Zara representing the school in hockey and gymnastics.

Zara achieved 11 GCSEs, ranging from grades A to C, and while it's unknown how her elder brother compared it's thought he achieved similarly.

Both then attended Exeter University, with Zara qualifying as a physiotherapist and Peter studying sports science. Zara then became an accomplished equestrian, representing the country in the 2012 Olympic Games and taking him the silver medal.

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