Tyson Fury parks Rolls Royce on patch of grass as he arrives to film secret commercial

Boxing legend turned reality TV star Tyson Fury was snapped parking like a king as he arrived at Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy in Manchester to film a top-secret advert.

The world champion, 35, was photographed parking his Rolls Royce on a patch of grass as he sported a Gypsy King hat, pink polo shirt and blue shorts, which he teamed with some white socks and black-and-white trainers.

Following an outfit change, Tyson filmed the commercial at a fish and chip shop in Ashton-Under-Lyne, for which he sported a Gypsy King vest top and blue shorts.

It comes after Tyson and Paris Fury's Netflix series At Home with the Furys saw the family shoot to a newfound level of fame, with not just sporting fans wanting to see what the famous family, including Love Island star Tommy Fury and his fiancée Molly-Mae Hague, have been up to.

The Netflix series may prove to be something of a double-edged sword for the Fury family, with Tyson and Paris telling OK! that they may have to move from the Morecombe mansion due to the show's success.

Tyson explained: "I think we’ll probably have to move again like we had to after the ITV documentary a few years ago.

"Loads of people kept turning up to the house and ringing the door at 4am. What people don’t understand is, that being famous it’s not a pleasurable thing to be absolutely honest.

"When you try to go to Greggs for a sandwich, it’s not great being bombarded, or when you're trying to buy a pair of trainers from a sports shop. When you're on a family day out and you don't get any time, you've just got people hanging all over you."

"People don’t always respect your privacy. You’re with your wife on a date night and you don’t want to speak to a million people. There’s no leaving us alone."

The couple, who share six children together, have been married since 2008 and previously lived in a beautiful £550k home in Morecombe before moving into their stunning £1.7 million mansion, still in Morecombe which is the property seen in the show.

Tyson has admitted that he's going to have to wait and see the fallout from the first series before his family commits to a second series with the streaming giant.

He said: "Lets see the repercussions of number one and how many people turn up to the house because it affects life. Well, with having a billion extra people watching you on TV, of course it will!"

To which Paris added: "We’ve had conversations with the buzz that has come from the first one and Netflix fancy a number two, so we're talking and we’re nearly there."

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