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A MUM has revealed how her daughter was left in tears after attending a Build-A-Bear birthday party where all the kids were forced to hand over their teddies.

The little girl had been to a school mate’s sixth party and spent time carefully designing a bear from the shop.

However, the birthday girl’s mum had not been clear about what would happen to the toys once they had been made.

Taking to Reddit, the mum of the upset child explained: “The party was being held at Build a Bear, but it wasn’t run by the employees. 

“We had cake and pizza in the food court, then went down to BAB to make bears, then back to friends house for the rest of the party.

"The invitation said each kid (about 8 total) would get to make a Bear, and I just assumed they would get to take them home, since that is what happened at another BAB party I went to. 

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“Me and my husband even pitched in about 30 dollars as we know these things can get expensive.”

The children set about happily designing their bears – but were left heartbroken at what happened next.

The mum continued: “Friend's mum announces that the kids need to give all their animals to her daughter. 

“Cue the upset and angry kids. 

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“They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and friend wasn’t even being nice about it either. 

“Another little boy didn't want to, and friend ripped it out of his hands."

None of the parents saw this coming and were left shocked and confused at the incident.

The party headed back to the girl’s house, where she started playing with her new bears “while the rest of the party watched.”

Not only did the girl keep all the bears, but most guests had brought her a present too.

The mum said her daughter burst into tears as soon as she got in the car to go home.

The Reddit user continued that she had bumped into the birthday girl’s mum at the school gates and informed her that the other kids were upset at having to give back the bears.

Her response had been: “Oh yeah we wanted (daughter) to have a special animal decorated by each of her friends.

"Well I didn’t have enough money for each of the guests to make their own, that would get pretty expensive! If you want your money back I’ll see about getting it back to you. I don’t really see the problem though."

When she tried to respond, the mum had walked away.

The Reddit user finished her post saying: "What bothers me is she said she 'didn't have enough money for all the kids to have one', but she did have enough for her daughter to get like 8 bears. Just doesn't really make sense."

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Many people were shocked at the story, with one person writing: "That is really weird!! I can't believe the parents made all the kids give away their bears."

Another added: "Beyond strange. I would never in a million years think to have a party where the kids (and our guests) have to give away their item. So bizarre."

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