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WHETHER you’ve seen her as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing or Britain’s Got Talent, there’s no doubt that Alesha Dixon always looks fabulous.

But the other thing that is pretty much guaranteed is that she’ll often have you asking the question – ‘how does she look younger than ever before?’

Some of us may know Alesha Dixon, 44, for hitting the big time with girl band Mis-Teeq, her role as a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent or for her winning turn on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing, and chances are, you will have admired her glowing skin and glossy hair many times before.

Despite being in showbiz for two decades, the singer, dancer, author and presenter, has managed to completely defy her age. 

So just how does the glossy-haired mum-of-two, do it? 

The down-to-earth star has been very open throughout her career about embracing ageing and has revealed how she transformed from a plain tomboy to a supplement-loving skincare addict.

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Alesha told Fabulous: “There’s absolutely nothing you can do about getting older, so I’m embracing it. I am happy in my skin. I actually prefer the way I look now to when I was in my 20s.

"I like myself more as a person now than I did back then, too. My 20s were horrific. You couldn’t pay me to go back there.”

Discussing her beauty evolution, the stylish mother explained: “I was a tomboy in school – I always had my hair back and never wore make-up. I started experimenting more when I was in Mis-Teeq.

“But I’m a disgrace to womanhood as I cannot put on fake eyelashes! I still don’t wear a lot of make-up. I haven’t got the patience to be sitting for an hour doing it.” 

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Here, we take a look at some of Alesha’s most foolproof anti-ageing secrets – from a £1.75 product she swears by for dehydrated hair, a bargain body buy that’s a staple in her household, and everything in between. 

Skin wins: Pricey skincare and budget bodycare 

When it comes to her skincare heroes, Alesha told Fabulous: “I’ve started using Sabrina and Idris Elba’s brand, S’Able Labs. It has a fantastic day cream and miracle oil.

“I also go to bed with Elizabeth Arden’s night balm on. I look ridiculous, but it works.”

But although Alesha is a fan of lavish skincare, when it comes to budget buys, Alesha loves a Palmer’s staple – cocoa butter – which you can pick up for £1.50 from Superdrug. 

She explained: “It’s a staple in lots of black people’s houses. I slather my kids in it, too.” 

She also mentioned to Women’s Health: “I take care of my skin now that I’m in my forties, and I’ve always been good at taking my make-up off before bed.

“Every morning after showering, I cleanse my face and put on a serum by 111Skin.

“I use Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask for daytime as it gives a lovely glow. 

“In the evening I mix Omorovicza’s Rejuvenating Night Cream with their Mineral Facial Oil

“I’ve never had Botox but never say never.”

Less is more: The three secret make-up weapons 

There’s no doubt that Alesha’s make-up always looks flawless and the much-loved star told Fabulous that she swears by three make-up bag essentials.

She claimed: “All I need is mascara, concealer and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. It’s the best balm I’ve ever used – I keep tubes of it everywhere!”

Not only this, but Alesha's make-up artist once revealed to Hello! the key products she uses to create the star's beautiful glow, including a La Mer Hydrating Facial sheet mask and 'a few drops of Iconic London Illuminator Drops to the high-planes of her face' for an instant lift.

The 44-year-old also shared her specific make-up favourites, as she told OK!: “I love Tom Ford foundations, Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes, and a classic MAC lip liner in Spice. 

“Huda lip glosses are amazing and I’ve just bought some Fenty Gloss Bombs, they’re unbelievable.”

Hair this: Luscious locks on the cheap 

Hair is important to Alesha, as she told Fabulous: “A good hairstyle can completely change your mood. It can transform a woman. 

“You can always tell when a woman is feeling good, and it always starts with her hair.”

As well as this, fuelled by a desire for more representation for women of colour, Alesha is an ambassador for hair brand Tresemmé. 

She explained: “I’d always dreamt of being in a hair advert. I grew up seeing hair adverts and didn’t see myself represented.

"So for me, a woman of colour, to be in the advert, it felt so progressive.” 

When it comes to her favourite haircare product, you’ll be shocked to know that you can nab it with your loose change – for just £1.75.

Alesha told Get the Gloss about her love for the Tresemmé Pro Collection Keratin Smooth Mask, as she claimed: “During the first lockdown I decided to start taking better care of my hair and I embraced my curls. 

“This mask really helped keep them hydrated, so the natural bounce came back.”

Wellness wonders: A supplement a day keeps the doctor away 

Another of Alesha’s secrets for youthful-looking skin? Vitamins and supplements.

Taking to her Instagram in an advert for her health and wellness brand, NobleBlu, Alesha explained: “I genuinely care about my body, my health and my mind. 

“I think wellness is about growing and getting to a place where you can feel like you’re able to be your best self. 

“The minute I’m not taking care of myself – not eating well, not sleeping well, not exercising – I feel lethargic, impatient and irritable.⁠

“I’ve just got to that time of my life where I know what works for me. It’s been trial and error, but I know what helps me succeed and what enables me to shine. 

“To me, wellness is taking care of myself so I can take care of others. It’s about harmony and balance, about connecting with your inner self, being in tune with what your body and your mind needs, so that you can live the best life you possibly can.⁠”

Showing off her collagen-supporting supplement, Alesha noted: “My award-winning NobleBlu beauty supplement has most definitely helped my hair and nails.

“It feels stronger, healthier, my skin feels smoother and I definitely think I have more of a glow.” 

Triple threat fitness: A fusion of cardio, strength and restorative workouts 

It won’t come as a surprise that Alesha, who dons washboard abs, a tiny waist and slim legs, is a big fan of fitness.

The star told Women’s Health: “Fitness has always been my saviour during challenging times – it rids me of stress and keeps my brain clear.

“I like structure, so I do a mix of weight training and cardio with my personal trainer, Janet Malinowska, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then Pilates on Tuesdays and yoga on Thursdays.

“I enjoy sweating, but adding in lower-intensity forms of movement has really helped calm me down. I rest on the weekend.” 

Load up: Food is fuel for the TV star 

And finally, when it comes to her diet, the brunette beauty opened up about how she maintains her amazing figure and confessed she eats every two hours.

Explaining what she eats on a day-to-day basis, Alesha said: "I eat every two to three hours. My body is naturally lean, so I have to be regimented to maintain my weight. 

“For breakfast, I have porridge with raspberries and maple syrup. Later, I’ll eat rye toast with a boiled egg before working out. 

“Then it’s a protein shake – I’m trying to hit 75g to 90g a day – with dates, oat milk, flaxseeds, chia seeds and turmeric.

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