I’m a hair pro – the reason you just can’t grow your locks past a certain length & it’s got nothing to do with shampoos | The Sun

A BEAUTY expert has explained why your hair won't grow longer even if you take proper care of it – and it's got nothing to do with shampoos.

You've tried it all – the pricey Olaplex range, a hack that's gone viral on TikTok, drowning your hair in rosemary oil… But despite all the efforts, your locks don't seem to be growing any longer.

Well, there is a reason behind it – and according to one whizz, Rachel Valentine, your haircare, no matter how expensive, is not the key thing to blame.

Taking to TikTok, the guru, whose profile @rachelvalentinehair has won over 84k followers, explained what's really going on with your hair.

''Every hair on our head is in its own growth cycle and within that cycle the hair will grow out of the head and then it will stop.

''It will eventually shed and then another hair will grow in its place.''

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Rachel went on to add in her video that this time period usually ranges anywhere from two to six years – however, this varies for each individual.

This, in turn, means that the longer your hair is in the growing period for, the longer your hair will grow.

However, one's genetics also play a huge role, she noted.

''But if someone's hair is in the growth stage for two years […], their hair is gonna get to a point after two years and then it's gonna shed.

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''And then it will start the whole process again.''

The time, Rachel added, can also be a whopping eight to ten years for some beauty lovers ''and they're gonna be able to grow their hair super long''.


Although your hair does have to be healthy and you shouldn't be using harsh chemicals and heat on it regularly, haircare is not the sole factor you can't get your hair to grow.

''It’s still good to focus on a good diet and lifestyle to keep your hair the best it can be,'' the pro reminded in the comments.

Fellow social media users raced to share their thoughts, where one joked: ''Think my growth cycle is about 2 months, just doesn’t grow.''

Someone else chimed in: ''I feel like I’ve been in a growth period for my entire life. But I’m not complaining.''

''Mine didn’t grow for years it was always above the shoulders, I went to washing it once a week, no heat or colour and it’s now nearly at my waist,'' one person claimed.

''Up until I was 20, my hair used to be at my hips. Now it won’t grow past my collar bones,'' another cried.

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