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A PROFESSIONAL make-up artist has shared the tips that she believes everybody should know, but nobody ever talks about. 

Kate Talbert is a US-based cosmetics whizz, who regularly shares her wisdom with her 100k followers on TikTok. 

And in a recent video, she offered up a selection of uber-helpful snippets of advice to get your face looking flawless. 

Her first recommendation is to always apply mascara to your bottom lashes before your top ones – the opposite way round than most of us do it. 

“The reason,” she explains, “is that if you have mascara on your top lashes, and you look down” – as you would to get to your bottom ones – “your lashes go up there, and you make a mess”. 

It’s a nifty trick to avoid the messy transfer you often can get just under your eyebrows. 

Her second hack is to always apply shimmery eyeshadow with your finger. 

“Your fingers have got natural oils in them,” Kate says, “that will help those shimmers to lie down beautifully.” 

It avoids the glitter shadow clumping in one part of your eye, and helps prevent it smudging down your face when you blink. 

The make-up maestro’s next tip is to do with eyebrows, suggesting you should “fight every urge you have to overfill the front or the tail end”. 

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While blocky brows might have had their moment, Kate says, if the “front or tail end are too overdrawn or too dark, it immediately drags the whole face down”. 

Your best bet is to brush the brow hairs down while you fill them in, she suggests, because then you can see “the exactly shape of your natural brow”, and make sure to only add where the hair is sparse. 

Kate’s next pearl of wisdom revolves around what you should do if you have a lipstick that’s a “little bit too bold”. 

“Apply it with a fluffy brush,” she advises, “it immediately tones it down.” 

And she finishes by suggesting that you should always apply lip liner with your mouth closed and lips sucked in.

“It gives you the perfect line,” the beauty buff says. “It doesn’t overfill them, it looks super natural, and it makes it really, really simple.” 

The informative tutorial racked up nearly 15k likes, with hundreds of people flocking to the comments to thank her for the tips. 

“Never would have thought to close the mouth for lips,” one wrote.

“I tried your lip liner tip,” another added. “Where has it been all my life… You have a new devoted fan.” 


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