Woman reveals easy way to make a bathroom smell amazing – and it costs a quid from the washing aisle | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has revealed her genius hack to make the bathroom smell incredible every time a guest comes over. 

Natalie Hyde often uses her social media accounts to share her top tips and tricks for the house.

And in one such video, she shared the “easiest way to make your house smell good”. 

She explained: “Any time I have guests, I would say nine times out of 10, the first thing they say when they walk into our house is, ‘Your house smells so good’.

“And I light a lot of candles and you know I obviously clean when we have guests, like scrub things so it smells clean.” 

However, there’s one particular trick she uses to really seal the deal for guests.

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Natalie continued: “One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom smell good – and I’m not a plumber so maybe this would screw up your toilet but it’s never screwed up my toilet.” 

The brunette beauty then took a small plastic cup and filled it with fabric softener, which costs just £1 from the washing aisle of any supermarket.

“You take the back of your toilet tank off and you just pour some in there,” she shared. 

Natalie said it lasts two to three flushes, but makes the entire bathroom smell like “fresh linen”. 

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She called it a “game changer,” and added in the caption: “This is my favourite easiest hack to make your house/bathroom smell good”. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “I use fabric softener in everything! I use it as carpet spray, for the couch, and use the beads in my vacuum!”

Another joked: “I want my house to smell good but I don’t want people to come over.” alongside two crying with laughter emojis. 

While a third shared: “Yes mama ur righ I saw u do this I ran to target grab some snuggle softer just to see is it true and yes it is 100% true omg I love this hack”.

But others warned her that it could potentially lead to disaster as one person explained: “It might mess up your toilet. I did this with some soap and it ate through the rubber seals on the bolts and leaked over time. I have to replace them”.

Another said: “You shouldn’t really put anything in your tank even when it’s marketed for it! It will ruin the interior parts. Unless you don’t mind replacing them”.

A third chimed: “most definitely don't use fabric softener… it will definitely gum up the toilet parts … ppl say not to even use in in your washer”. 

According to familyhandyman.com, you should not actually put fabric softener in the toilet tank as the “potential risks outweigh the benefits”. 

They added: “The chemical makeup of fabric softeners can be harmful to septic systems, leading to clogged pipes and potential damage to the flushing system.”

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