You have a high IQ if you spot the wild leopard camouflaged in monsoon green grass in under 15 seconds | The Sun

A WILD leopard has been camouflaged by grassy terrain in a visually challenging image, and viewers who can locate it within 15 seconds might have a high IQ.

The picture serves as an optical illusion for most, as the leopard is virtually nowhere in sight among the blades of tall grass, green bushes, and hills.

The wild animal lurking somewhere in the brush was captured by the photographer Sourabh Bharti and obtained by Getty.

Leopards are native to over 35 countries in Africa and are known to be "solitary animals," per the African Wildlife Foundation.

The optical illusion proves this aspect of the beast to be true, as only a sole leopard is hidden within it.

Start a timer for 15 seconds and give the optical illusion as quick of a scan as possible.

Did you find the leopard within the time limit?

If you did, you might be someone with an incredibly high IQ.

If not, that's alright, too — give it another long look.

Don't fret if you still can't find it — head to the bottom of the page to see where the leopard chose to lie down amid the brush.

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Spotting animals in their natural habitat can be one of the most tough optical illusion challenges.

They are expertly skilled at masking themselves from predators or prey.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, only those with the eyes of a hawk could locate the great potoo bird hidden within the limbs of a tree.

The great potoo is native to South America and is the largest of the potoo species.

It's also nocturnal, usually picking spots high in the trees to forage and stalk prey.

It spends most of the day perched on tree stumps, blending into its surroundings.

That's what makes the optical illusion so difficult, but if you're able to locate the bird within seven seconds, you might have a vision better than 20/20.

Head to our page covering the illusion to find out where the bird was hiding.

If you're looking for other challenges to test your IQ, some other illusions don't involve natural wildlife.

The U.S. Sun has coverage on an optical illusion that requires viewers to locate at least 15 faces in an abstract art piece.


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Optical illusion pros might also have a high IQ if they can spot a cat drawn in among several skyscrapers.

For more related content, check out The U.S. Sun's story on an illusion challenge that requires viewers to find the correct number of circles within it in just 10 seconds.

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