Hairstylist shares crucial advice for women with grey hair – get results fast

Going grey is inevitable but that doesn’t mean your hair has to look aged and tired.

Hairstylist and content creator Glam Girl Gabi took to YouTube to share some tips for women who are embracing their grey strands. You’ll have thicker, healthier, more youthful looking locks in no time.

In a video entitled “Five Tips that will make you LOVE your Grey Hair!”, Gabi suggested older ladies can improve their hair from the inside out.

She said that a “mistake” she often sees among women with grey hair is neglecting to take supplements.

The expert stated: “Your hair really is a reflection on what is going on internally, and as women age over 50 percent notice that their hair is thinning.”

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Gabi recommended Goldie Locks. Their Hair Growth Supplements – Original Formula is retailed at $70 (around £57).

After using it every day for a month, she noticed higher energy levels, stronger nails, glowing skin and “great” looking hair. She claimed the results of such supplements get better over time too.

She recommended this particular supplement for women dealing with hair loss, brittleness or sallow skin. 

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Alternatively, hair health vitamins are available from many retailers, including Holland & Barrett and Boots.

Gabi said: “Oftentimes supplementation is the missing link when you’re going through beauty issues and it’s something very simple to try just to see if you end up getting results – and most of the time you do.”

The expert offered another crucial tip for older ladies who are embracing the grey. She told them to “ash it out” for a very important reason.

Formulated to transform dull, lacklustre complexions, Revolution Beauty’s Miracle Cream delivers intense hydration to help smooth and plump skin’s appearance.

-SPF 30-Dermatologically tested-Cruelty free-Reduces visible signs of ageing-Hydrates and firms skin

An anti-wrinkle moisturiser that is clinically proven to improve hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant.

She explained that warm colours (such as chestnut brown or honey blonde) are a “massive contrast” to grey.

Grey is a cool colour so looks better against other cool colours, such as mushroom brown, as the contrast will not be so heavy as you transition to grey – think of your roots.

In a separate video, Glam Girl Gabi offered another top for women with mature, grey hair – “it’s literally magic, it’s amazing how it works”. 

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