I live debt-free in a tiny house made of mud I built for £150 – the only thing I spent cash on was glue and screws | The Sun

AN ARTIST who made his own home out in the wilderness with just mud has revealed that the entire project cost him just over £150.

Sage Stoneman set himself the goal of spending as little money as possible on his naturistic home.

He mixed soil with water and straw to make cob, which built the very foundations of the unique property. 

“This is obviously a very affordable way to build because this is free,” Sage said in a YouTube video with Natural Buildings. 

“I also used wood that I harvested, so the framing was free. 

“That’s not only affordable but it grounds you to the place that you’re in, because the home is now an extension of the environment – literally.”

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Using mud and wood meant Sage could be creative without limitations, crafting unique windows and designs around his tiny home. 

To fill in the windows, he sourced pieces of glass for free and arranged them “artistically” so the property was built around them. 

“With the intention of using only reclaimed and natural materials, and spending as little money as possible, I was able to create this for $200,” he revealed.

This works out just short of £158, which he also spent on screws and glue for his sky-light roof. 

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Sage is so dedicated to being “connected to the environment” that he didn’t even bother putting a door on his home. 

Luckily, he lives in North Carolina, US which has a humid subtropical climate.

He described doors as “annoying” because they “get in the way”.

When things are colder, he covers the opening to his home with a thick piece of fabric to keep the heat from his furnace inside. 

To get to his bed, he climbs up on the wooden sideboard into a make-shift loft.

Sage wanted to be “close to the stars” when sleeping so lined the roof of the loft with repurposed sliding glass doors. 

The house is just one room which he filled with second hand furniture, including a leather armchair, wooden breakfast bar chair, rugs and lamps. 

His bathtub has a cover on top of it, making it both somewhere to wash and a unit when covered. 

“It’s a very small space, obviously,” he said. 

“Anyone who lives in a small space is going to make their priorities very apparent.

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“For me, creativity is obviously up there.”

Sage also has a drum set taking up a large chunk of the floor space, as well as a guitar that he stores next to his armchair.

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