Kate Middleton called 'graceful' after helicopter in heels

Kate Middleton wows royal fans as she ‘gracefully’ disembarks a helicopter stylishly – in HEELS!

  • Kate Middleton, 41, was praised for her ability to navigate the chopper in heels
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Royal fans have taken to social media to praise Kate Middleton’s poise after the royal was filmed disembarking a helicopter gracefully – in heels. 

Footage was shared from a visit the Princess of Wales, 41, made to a Royal Navy air base today.

The mother-of-three, who is commodore-in-chief of the Fleet Air Arm as of last month, was filmed as she gracefully hopped down from the chopper at Royal Navy Air Station in Yeovilton.

And the move won praise from fans, who noted how easily the royal navigated the aircraft’s steps – despite wearing high heels.

One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote: ‘The way Catherine just hops out the helicopter in high heels like it’s nothing.’

Kate Middleton was filmed stepping out of a helicopter while wearing heels – winning praise from fans

Royal watchers took to X (formerly Twitter) to comment on the royal’s ability to navigate tricky terrain in heels

Another added: ‘She’s amazing.. Catherine has always been very graceful and athletic.’ 

In a similar vein, a further X user wrote: ‘Beauty and grace. She’s just marvellous.’

Meanwhile another said: ‘The Princess of Wales is such a vibe, movie star glam but boss energy and strength. I love how much everyone just connects with her and you can tell they want to impress her.’

One social media user noted how the royal didn’t require any help disembarking the steps.

They wrote: ‘He wanted to help her coming down But princess is the sporty boss.’

Others joked about how they would have fared if they’d had to get off a chopper in high heels.

One said: ‘I would’ve tripped and rolled my ankle [laugh out loud].’ 

And another agreed, adding: ‘I would have needed at least half of the men there to assist me.’ 

A number of social media users were impressed with the royal’s ability to move in heels – while others joked about how difficult they would have found it 

The shoes in question were £650 black pumps with a thick heel from Gianvito Rossi.

Kate paired them with a £549 black blazer from Holland Cooper which she has worn previously, with gold button detailing and fitted trousers. 

She styled her long, thick brunette locks in bouncy blow-dried waves, with her new 70s-style fringe framing her face perfectly. 

Showcasing her natural beauty, the mother-of-three kept make-up simple with a touch of blush, a nude lip and a bronze eye and she accessorised with white topaz Kiki McDonough teardrop earrings.

Upon arrival at the naval base, the princess was pictured shaking hands with workers in the tower, where staff work hard to ensure the safe operation of RNAS Yeovilton. 

While there, she had the chance to communicate with the crew members onboard an airborne Wildcat flight. 

Kate alighted the helicopter with ease and grace as she touched down on the ground during her engagement today

The Princess of Wales, 41, looked ready for business as she arrived at RNAS Yeovilton this morning in a black blazer and trousers

Footage from within the tower showed the princess concentrating on the landing strip outside while wearing a headset. She was accompanied by an officer who was communicating with the airborne crews.

She also heard the roar of an F-35B Lightning from RAF Marham as it ‘buzzed’ the control tower.

For the final leg of her visit, the princess visited the Wildcat training centre and assisted the crews who were being trained to load the anti-shipping Sea Venom missile on to the Wildcat Mk2 helicopter.

Kate then tried her hand at flying a Wildcat Mk2 in a simulator, which allows air crew to practise flying over land or on to ships.

The maritime attack helicopter is designed to operate from the frigates and destroyers of the Royal Navy.

The Princess of Wales sat in a training version of a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter on her visit, where she took part in a flight simulator

The princess is pictured sitting inside the cockpit of the Merlin Mk II Helicopter

The King went to the air station for helicopter flying training in 1974, when he was Prince of Wales.

More than 4,000 personnel are employed on the site, which is home to a number of frontline squadrons and training units.

Captain Duncan Thomas, RNAS Yeovilton’s commanding officer, said afterwards: ‘I am delighted and privileged to have welcomed the Princess of Wales to the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, at the start of what I am sure will be a long and rewarding relationship in her capacity as Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm.

‘We’ve all been hugely excited by this opportunity and I am delighted that Her Royal Highness will be able to support and inspire our exceptionally talented sailors, air crew and wider workforce family for years to come.’

Last month, the King appointed Princess Kate as commodore-in-chief of the Fleet Air Arm, a position previously held by Prince Andrew. 

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