Kylie Skin’s viral super hydrating lip oil has launched in five new fruity flavours

Kylie Jenner’s eponymous beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, has become a huge hit over the last few years, expanding from just makeup into Kylie Skin skincare and even Kylie Baby, her range of child-friendly products.

Plenty of her brand’s products have gone viral, including the original Kylie Skin Lip Oil, £24 here, which became a huge hit thanks to its combination of skincare and makeup that leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated with a subtle touch of sheer colour.

The Lip Oil was so successful that Kylie Skin has now launched five brand new flavours of the sell-out oil, all with a distinctly fruity twist.

Alongside the Kylie Skin Coconut Lip Oil, £19.20 here (was £24), you can now getPassionfruit,Strawberry,PomegranateandWatermelonall available atSelfridges. Each of the flavours has a different subtle colour to them, and combines the power of a nourishing balm with the effects of a lip gloss for the ultimate hybrid product to save space in your makeup bag.

Containing coconut oil and vitamin E, the oil gives your lips a boost of intense hydration and leaves them looking smooth, whilst the plumping complex helps give them you natural-looking fuller pout.

You can apply the Lip Oil onto bare lips as a comforting, plumping balm, or use it in place of your usual gloss for a non-sticky dose of extra shine over the top of your lipstick. You can even apply it at night before bed to give your lips some extra conditioning whilst you sleep.

Shoppers have already been leaving rave reviews about the Kylie Skin Lip Oil, £24 here, with one even calling it better than the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil, £32 here, saying: “Solid lip oil, non-sticky good longevity and seals in hydration nicely. Also love the applicator, very smooth similar to the Dior lip oil one but better formula.”

Another review said: “Super lightweight, not sticky at all, however, I wish it had a little more pigment.” whilst a third wrote: “My favourite thing ever I use it 24/7. Lip oil > lipgloss every day. Same effect (maybe better) without any of the stickiness and it’s hydrating.”

Some reviews absolutely loved the product but called the price tag a little high. If you’re also hesitant about splashing out £24 on the Lip Oil, the Makeup Revolution x Nikki Lilly Lip Oil Set, £5 here (was £10), gives you three lip oils in coffee-inspired flavours; Vanilla Latte, Café Miel and Caramel Apple Macchiato, and are infused with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for plenty of hydration whilst wearing them.

However, if your heart is set on one of Kylie’s fruity new offerings, you can choose from the five new Kylie Skin Lip Oil, £24 here, releases, with onlySelfridgescurrently offering all five flavours.

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