Thousands of families could be eligible for £275 direct payments next month

The cost of living crisis is leaving many Brits struggling.

But now households could get up to £275 in help from the Household Support Fund (HSF).

Thanks to the pot worth £842million, the money from the government is there to help low-income families.

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It's distributed among councils across England and each council has its own budget to share the portion of the fund.

This means not everyone will receive the same amount and what you get depends on where you live.

Some local authorities make bank transfers, while others offer help in the way of food or utility bill vouchers.

To find out your local council start by putting your postcode into the government's council locator tool.

You might be eligible if you're from a low-income family or a pensioner, unpaid carer, care leaver and disabled.

Residents who live in the Dudley Borough can apply for up to £275 cash paid straight into their bank account.

Applications are closed at the moment but will open again for the second phase on October 1, 2023.

If you meet the criteria you will receive a minimum payment of £250 paid straight into your bank account.

For households with someone who has a disability, you will receive an extra £25 payment.

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You can make an application if you live in the Dudley Borough and meet any of the following:

  • You are a multi person household
  • Your joint gross income, including wages and any other income (for example pensions and benefits), are less than £45,000
  • Your savings are no more than £6,000
  • You are the only adult in the household
  • Your gross income is less than £35,000 per year (including wages and any other income)

You will also need to say why you are struggling to pay your bills.

To apply, visit the Dudley Council's website, although applications do not open again until October 1.

It does not state how to make an application so it is best to check back at the beginning of October for more details.

There is other support, for example thousands of local received supermarket vouchers worth £325 in Yorkshire.

Also you could be entitled to a cost of living payment of up to £1,350.

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