25 soap spoilers – EastEnders exit, Corrie goodbye, Emmerdale baby twist

The biggest soaps are serving up Drama with a capital D next week, with a multiple shocks across all corners of soapland and another tantalising whodunit at the centre.

Yes, Hollyoaks does what it does best with as narrative featuring no shortage of shock twists, as Rayne Royce’s reign of terror reaches a cataclysmic end, with the influencer winding up dead at her own party.

Shockwaves are sent through the eponymous village in the aftermath, with things set to change forever, so if it’s been some time since you dipped your toe in the Channel 4 soap then now is the time to revisit it.

EastEnders, meanwhile, sees Ravi Gulati become a shell of his former self as he sets out to locate missing son Nugget, while Jenny Connor says an emotional goodbye in Coronation Street, with killer Stephen Reid still causing havoc.

Over in Emmerdale, Chas Dingle struggles to hide her jealous of Paddy Kirk and Mandy’s relationship, but will she be able to move on after Marlon gives her a good talking to? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Neighbours, meanwhile, staged its long-awaited comeback this week and with it having been a huge success, we thought this ultimate Friday soap guide wouldn’t feel right without including a first look at what’s coming up on Ramsay Street too.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s to come in soapland. Every little juicy and delicious detail.


1. Cindy tries get investment from the Panesars but, after a showdown with the family in question, she blows the whole deal and goes to Phil instead, much to Ian’s dismay. Peter, meanwhile, opens up about being rejected by Anna and Gina and thus Cindy pays her daughters a visit, which leads to her finding out about the bar in Marbella being sold. Knowing she owns half of it, she arrives at the Vic to stake her claim. All hell breaks loose, with a shock revelation to come.

2. Nugget’s disappearance sends shockwaves through the Square, with the police subsequently getting involved. Ravi is horrified to find out that his son is afraid him, while Suki fields questions from detectives, feeling guilty over what she said. Ravi becomes a shell of his former self, worried sick about his son, while Nish orders Suki to treat his eldest son as if he were her own.

3. Billy is horrified when he gets sent some raunchy pictures from ‘Stacey’, but Martin is quick to realise that Theo is behind it. Stacey is mortified, while Martin and Kat rally around her.

4. It’s the day of Tommy’s fight but he’s worried about Alfie turning up to watch. Phil assures him that his dad will be there, going to the Boxing Den to bring him home. Alfie, however, is in bad shape and therefore decides he needs to recuperate in Spain. Phil worries about how he’ll tell Tommy, but he’s already overheard.

5. Sonia worries ahead of her IVF follow-up appointment. She and Reiss subsequently receive information on the chances of their IVF success and a breakdown of costs. Reiss tells Debbie that he plans to spend the money on having IVF treatment with Sonia.

6. Whitney and Zack are excited to get the keys to their new place and to hear they’ll be getting a visit from the fostering department next week.

Coronation Street

7. Ryan receives a message telling him that his filter dropped out during the livestream and that one of his subscribers recognised him from the papers as ‘the guy who suffered an acid attack’. He denies it, but reporter Suki approaches and reveals she’s seen screen grabs from his porn videos, asking him if he’s interested in a story. Ryan declines but he later gets a shock when, in the Rovers, the punters are talking about him, having seen the article in the gazette.

8. Paul confronts Shelly’s brother Kieran, who refused to support his sister when she was dying, with a heated showdown ensuing at the funeral, with Billy – who is conducting the service – ending up getting hit in the face!

9. Tyrone tells Evelyn that Cassie’s gone to a meeting but when he gets a phone call from the police, his heart sinks.

10. Jenny wants to get in touch with Teddy, thinking it’s odd that she’s not heard from him about the funeral arrangements for Leo. Stephen, however, suggests that they go on holiday and forget about everything, but there’s more heartbreak on the cards, with Jenny receiving a visit from Waterford’s manager, who reveals the pub is being closed for a refurbishment – and her contract has been terminated with immediate effect!

11. Aadi and Courtney reveal that they’re moving into Shelly’s flat. Courtney winds Darren up by passionately kissing Aadi, but Bernie confronts her, telling her that she knows what she’s up to. Darren, meanwhile, offers Dev money to split up Courtney and Aadi, but will he agree?

12. Lauren clocks Ryan looking at flats to rent and thus she offers him the spare room at her precinct flat. Trying to make amends for his jealous behaviour, Daniel helps Ryan carry his things into his new home but, when lads make jibes at Ryan about his scars, he turns on them in a rage. Daniel intervenes, picking up Ryan’s things, but he notices the stash of testosterone inside.


13. Chloe wonders if she might be pregnant again, relaying her suspicions to Amy before ordering a test online. Mack, however, spots her doing so and, believing her to be pregnant, he pops the question. Chloe is delighted, accepting his proposal, but when her periods arrives, she decides against telling her fiancé the truth. After some advice from Amy, however, she ultimately comes clean to Mack.

14. Ryan is left reeling in the aftermath of Gail’s secret having been revealed, but just where do they go from here?

15. Chas and Paddy are united in explaining the latter’s relationship to with Mandy to Eve, though Chas subsequently struggles to hide her jealousy.

16. Charles returns to the village, harbouring guilt over Victor’s death, and wastes little time in heading straight for the Woolpack. Tom tries to help but he ends up riling up the vicar, who lashes out and snaps, pinning the vet to a car, much to the horror of his loved ones. Manpreet begs her beloved Charles to come clean, but will he do so?

17. Tom is left devastated by a revelation from Belle.


18. Rayne invites her fellow twenty-somethings to her exclusive pool party, with Faye believing that more drama will equate to more viewers. With the manor fitted with cameras to catch all the action, the influencer announces a ‘roast’ dinner, with each of the partygoers revealing their true opinions of one another and, in a shocking game, each of them confirm that they would ‘kill’ Rayne. Brent turns up alive, which stuns everyone, and later, Rayne is found dead in the pool.

19. Police storm the mansion as Rayne’s death sends shockwaves through the village. Prince has an alibi, having spent the night with Faye, while Phoenix struggles with sensory overload, with Hunter forced to break the news of Rayne’s death to him. Nadira wants a lawyer while Peri thinks asking for one will make her look guilty.

20. Felix proposes to Mercedes but doesn’t get the answer he’d hoped for. The truth about Mercedes’ affair is revealed, with Felix catching the pair together in the garage before he flees to a quarry. Warren gives chase, desperate to help struggling Felix, but things take a shock turn, with Warren left hanging off the ledge. Will they both make it home? Or is there tragedy on the cards?

21. Sienna prepares for an induction day at the prestigious school that she’s keen for her kids to attend but things go haywire when the police arrive to quiz her about the missing money from Rafe’s account. Sienna is, of course, innocent and James comes to her rescue when she is questioned at the station.


22. Harold’s behaviour continues to cause concern, with Karl growing increasingly worried about his friend’s wellbeing. After tense scenes, Harold makes a devastating admission.

23. Terese’s business venture encounters a roadblock, which leads to trouble in her personal life, but the bigger shock comes later in the week, with the discovery of secrets that are much closer to home. Toadie, meanwhile, makes a big decision which will impact his entire family.

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24. Mike prepares to make an important proposal, but secrets are bubbling under the surface, as he and Janes’ plans stall.

25. Karl and Susan find themselves at a crossroads following a shocking admission that threatens to destroy everything between them.

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