ITVs Lorraine left flustered as Brian Cox delivers sweary birthday message

Lorraine Kelly was left flustered by a sweary early morning happy birthday message from Brian Cox as he got into character as Succession's Logan Roy.

The ITV daytime star is celebrating her 64th birthday today and her work mates couldn't resist the opportunity to call in a favour from fellow Scot Brian, known for his role as Succession's foul-mouthed and terrifying media mogul.

As Lorraine regulars Tyler West, Dr Hilary and Dr Amir wished her a happy birthday and gave her a pyjama set printed with photos of her dogs Ruby and Angus, Lorraine said: "I thought you'd all forgotten!"

They showed her a happy birthday video with messages from Take That, entertainment reporter Ross King, and Craig David.

Gushing over the message from Craig, Lorraine said: "Listen, in another life, if I was 30 years younger or maybe 40 years younger…"

But there was another surprise to come, as actor Brian emerged from behind the studio screen carrying a birthday cake decorated with a photo of Lorraine's dogs.

As she saw Brian, she laughed: "Oh, for goodness sake! Oh, this is too much!"

Brian told her: "I wouldn't do this for everybody, you know that. It's only because it's you. It's because it's you that I'm doing it."

He continued: "Well, I couldn't resist. They said will you come for her birthday, I said of course, it's Lorraine, why would I not come for Lorraine's birthday. I wouldn't though for everybody, you understand that, only you, only you."

While Brian turned on the charm for Lorraine, she was left flustered by a pre-recorded message from him in character as Logan Roy which had to be bleeped out.

He was shown standing in front of a New York backdrop as he said: "Lorraine, Logan Roy here. Now a little birdie told me, now I wouldn't normally do this, not in a million years, but it's your birthday.

"So, well I hope you have a happy f***ing birthday, now can you please just f*** off."

Lorraine laughed and blushed as she said: "He said it! I will get the unedited version of that and just have it on a loop."

As Lorraine tried to move on to the next item, she stumbled a little over her words and said: "I'm just recovering myself from the wonder that is Brian Cox."

Later, she caught up with Brian again for an interview where he gave her a pair of giant fluffy slipper boots as a birthday present.

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