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WHEN two complete strangers choose to get married, there’s sure to be drama.

And the eighth series of Married At First Sight UK, which kicked off earlier this week, has already provided its fair share of scandals.

Here we recap the reality show’s most controversial moments over the years.

From one wife being dumped on live radio to a husband sliding into his co-star’s DMs, viewers have seen it all over the years.

Bride Ella CHEATS on husband

This year's series was thrown into chaos after the show's first transgender star Ella Morgan Clark cheated on her husband Nathanial Valentino.

Although they initially seemed to be getting on, fans watched as they got into a furious bust-up during their honeymoon.

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It was subsequently reported that Ella cheated on Nathanial – who identifies as pansexual – with another groom in the series.

A source told MailOnline: "Ella's natural type is a straight man with masculine energy so one of the other grooms ticked more of her boxes.

"She didn't want to hurt Nathanial or go against the process because being part of the show means so much to her.

"Ella was looking for love and with the other groom, he adores her body and mind, and they had a much better chance of enjoying a long-lasting relationship together."

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While on their honeymoon in Mexico Ella revealed concerns that Nathanial was not attracted to her and even branded him a "p****".

Nathanial then turned on his new wife and accused her of lying about her past as a stripper.

She responded: "I told him I've stripped in the past, it's not something I'm ashamed of. But I am worried that's the reason he's not being intimate."

Dumped on the radio

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Ben Jardine and Stephanie seemed to really hit it off during the third series of Married At First Sight.

But when Ben revealed he’d got another woman pregnant before his stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, it all came crashing down.

He also admitted he'd cheated on Stephanie before they went on their honeymoon.

To make matters worse, Stephanie claimed she found out they were getting divorced when he announced it to the public on a radio show.

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At the time, she said: "He was divorcing me. He had cheated on me. He was announcing it on the radio. 

“There are very few moments in your life that truly rock you to your core."

Dad slates wife’s looks

In the 2019 series, Jack’s father was forced to make a grovelling public apology following his rude comments about his son’s new bride Verity’s looks.

Viewers were horrified as Mark, a buyer on Dickinson's Real Deal, ranted to his wife about how the marriage won't last – snapping that he "knows his son".

His wife replied: "Not everything is based on looks. I married you."

Mark later told the camera: "What Jack normally goes for, it's very, very different. It's different to what I am used to for my son."

Writing on Twitter, the father of the groom later apologised, explaining: "I made comments that, in hindsight, can be interpreted the wrong way and may have led to the beautiful young lady that married my son to be offended.

"I love and appreciate people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and sexual orientations and hope five minutes of TV (that had been condensed and cut down from three/four months of footage) don’t leave people to believe otherwise."

Cruel Christmas gift

Jonathan cemented himself as the king of savage break-ups when, after a few weeks together, he handed his new bride annulment papers stuffed inside a Christmas card.

The couple had tied the knot in December 2018, but went on a disastrous honeymoon to Spain.

However he clearly saw the errors of his ways and pleaded with her for another chance – but Steph refused.

In January last year, we revealed Jonathan was reportedly blocking the divorce and "refusing to let go".

A source claimed it was a "nightmare" for Steph who just wanted to move on, but they were still legally married.

Caught on Tinder

Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart took part in the first series of MAFS – but their honeymoon in Ireland was cut short when Jason headed back to work in London.

Three weeks later he was caught using Tinder, which proved the last straw for Kate.

He has since insisted he only joined the dating app after he realised their marriage was doomed – and scathingly claimed he never fancied her.

Having not consummated their marriage, they had it annulled eight months later.

Wife swap

Last year MAFS UK changed its format to be more like the Australian version, putting all the couples into the same block of flats.

If the purpose was to create more drama, it worked – as one husband and wife cheated behind their spouses' backs.

Bob Voysey was left devastated when he discovered wife Megan Wolfe had snogged Alexis Economou’s husband Jordon Mundell.

As Bob broke down in tears, Jordan revealed at the commitment ceremony: “I had my eyes on someone at the dinner party, then we got chatting back at the apartment.

“We’ve had a vibe and great conversation. We found ourselves alone at one point. One thing led to another and we shared a kiss, and I think it’s something I want to pursue.”

He added: “I came here to meet somebody – if I step on a few toes so be it. The real test now is to have a conversation and see where her head’s at.”

Despite cheating on him, Megan begged Bob for a second chance and the couple tried to make it work – much to the despair of fans – before eventually choosing to leave the experiment as friends.

Axed from show

It’s fair to say that Nikita Jasmine was hot-headed from the start of her time on Married At First Sight.

She wasn’t best pleased when she was matched with model Ant Poole, as he wasn’t “her usual type” – and it didn't take long for their marriage to sour.

Nikita was shown hurling a drink at her hubby during an explosive fight during their honeymoon.

She stormed off and insisted on being put in a separate room – but things were looking up briefly for the pair as they reconciled the following day.

However, Nikita was later removed from the show after a foul-mouthed rant at a dinner party mostly aimed at Jordon Mundell.

"It's making me f***ing mad – like s***," she yelled across the table, adding, "don't speak to me like a little f***ing divvy."

Her castmates were left speechless as the 27-year-old dramatically stormed out of the room.

A source later claimed bosses were "left with no choice but to remove her from the show" after the situation escalated off-camera.

Slid into another wife’s DMs

Morag Crichton shocked her co-stars and viewers in last year’s series when she revealed Amy Christophers' husband Josh Christie had slid into her DMs a year before filming.

She caused controversy when she decided to announce it during a dinner party – insisting she wasn't telling Amy to "plant a seed" to make her paranoid.

Morag said she'd told Luke, but asked Amy if Josh had come clean to her, adding: "I genuinely feel like he messaged a lot of girls, I just happened to be one of them."

Her revelation led to an explosive row between Amy and Josh, as he claimed he couldn't remember ever messaging Morag and even went as far as accusing her of lying to cause trouble.

When Amy attempted to defend her husband after Morag suggested he was a "player", she was shot down.

Josh snapped: "Shut your mouth and let me f***ing speak."


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The couple managed to get through it, but Amy was left heartbroken a fortnight before the reunion show when Josh dumped her.

She said: "It was a bit of a cold cut-off."

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