Netflix cancels acclaimed drama as lead star rages 'I don't understand!' in livid video to fans | The Sun

NETFLIX has come under fire from a star after canceling an acclaimed drama.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber posted an emotional video on Instagram after the streaming platform announced they would not be renewing Wellmania for a second season.

She told fans she was gutted not to be able to continue playing the central character Liv Healy, protesting "a lot of you wanted to see more of her".

The show, which only has one season, follows a food critic in New York who decided to turn her life around after a health scare.

Wellmania received critical acclaim, and Celeste appeared shocked by Netflix's decision not to renew it for another series.

The devastated actress ranted to her followers saying: "I just wanted to check in and give you a little update to let you know that Wellmania will not be renewed for another season.

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"I understand that in the grand scheme of things, with what is going on in the world at the moment, who f**king cares? But a lot of you do care. A lot of you are still asking me about it.

"We found out yesterday that it’s not going to be renewed. Netflix says it’s something about numbers."

"Sure," she continued bitterly. "I thought it smashed it, but I don’t understand how it works.

"I’m bummed that I can no longer explore that excellent character of Liv Healy, and I know a lot of you have said to me that you saw yourselves in that character and wanted to see more of her. But this industry is kind of bulls**t."

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Some fans were shocked by her language in the video, with one commenting: "Wow!! I can’t believe that you said 'who F-cken cares' I thought you were a compassionate person with feelings, I’m really disappointed in you!"

But others flocked to the comments to support her, saying they were also upset the show had been axed.

One person raged: "One of the best series I watched. I'm so f**king mad. Total bulls**t. You did smash it and you are amazing. Hope you get lots of great characters."

Another protested: "So we get to watch trash reality shows that are stupid and insulting to our intelligence…but your show, smart, thoughtful….gets canceled. Doesn't make sense."

And one viewer wrote that they had cancelled their Netflix subscription after hearing the news, adding: "Done. If they can't support creators that make a difference, I won't pay them."

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