'Full hulk' topless golfer was arrested TWICE over the summer

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Full hulk’ topless golfer was arrested TWICE over the summer for menacing behavior outside his home – including one incident where he threatened a neighbor wearing only his underwear

  • John Reeb, 41, from Archbold, Ohio, was arrested twice over the summer
  • He has come under the spotlight after he went berserk on a golf course 
  • Reeb allegedly previously threatened a neighbor while wearing only underpants

A middle-aged man who went beserk over a golf ball has been identified as an Ohio resident with a history of previous arrests for ‘menacing behavior’. 

John Warren Reeb, 41, from the tiny village of Archbold, went viral in an astonishing clip showing him arguing with fellow players about a ball before ripping off his shirt and challenging them to a fight. 

This summer alone, the 5 foot 9 man has been arrested twice for aggressive behavior outside his home – including one incident where he threatened his neighbor while wearing only underpants, according to local news reports. 

The golf course confrontation begins when Reeb, wearing a green polo and khaki shorts, is accused of stealing someone else’s ball – which he clearly has no intention of returning.

‘You’ll leave after I don’t give you a goddamn thing,’ he says, holding up the ball.

A furious golfer who went berserk has been identified as a 41-year Ohio man with a litany of previous arrests over ‘menacing behavior’

Fore! John Reeb, 41, from Archbold, Ohio, was arrested twice over the summer

Reeb ripped off his shirt and challenged another golfer to a fight

Another golfer then says he isn’t prepared to ‘fight’ on the golf course, which somehow sparks a wild reaction out of Reeb. 

‘I’ll plant you, b**** boy,’ he says. ‘Now get the f*** off the cart!’

He then rips off his shirt and screams while tensing his muscles, before shouting: ‘You see that! That’s a dude that’s been to heaven, bitch. And you want to test God?

‘You f***ing come get it, s*** stack!’

However, the other golfers have clearly seen enough and eventually decide to drive away.

Fired-up Reeb – who was identified through the help of Marco Polo – then shouts at other onlookers: ‘Been to heaven… leave me alone!’

But this isn’t the first time Reeb has gone ‘hulk mode’ on apparent strangers. 

On July 26, dressed only his underwear, Reeb allegedly threatened a 26-year-old man called Christian William Griteman in his hometown, according to the Archbold Buckeye. 

Police spoke with both men, and Reeb was issued a minor misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct under the Archbold municipal code.

Just three days later at around 1.15am, police were called to reports of a shirtless Reeb apparently chasing a vehicle down the street.

The car was being driven by a woman, who was not named in the police report. 

This is the moment Reeb went berserk during an altercation on the course

Police tracked Reeb down but he bolted home and would not answer the door when officers came knocking. 

Charges of obstructing official business and menacing were filed in connection with that incident.

On July 15 he was also charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly yelling at Archbold resident Keith Perry, 48, as he was getting into his truck to go to work early in the morning. 

The police report states that Reeb spat at the truck, then tried to spit on Perry through the vehicle’s open window, per the Archbold Buckeye. 

August brought two more arrests for Reeb. His latest arrest was on August 10, when police attended reports about him allegedly ‘causing problems with others’. 

Reeb was taken into custody and transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio. He has since been released.

Earlier in August, he was charged yet again with a misdemeanor warrant. 

In November 2017, Reeb was also convicted of driving under the influence and ordered to do 150 hours community service and pay a $560 fine.  

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