Israel-Hamas war LIVE: US says 'significant progress' in hostage deal

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: US says deal to release Israeli hostages has reached a ‘very sensitive stage’ – with ‘significant progress in recent hours’

Death toll rises to 13,000 in Gaza, according to Hamas-run government

Gaza’s Hamas government said Sunday the death toll from fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas militants in the Palestinian territory had reached 13,000 since war began on October 7.

The Hamas government said more than 5,500 children were among the dead, alongside 3,500 women, with 30,000 more people wounded.

Its health ministry has previously said it can no longer give exact tolls as intense fighting has prevented bodies from being recovered.

IDF claims Hamas tunnel is found under al Shifa hospital

The IDF has released footage of what is claims shows a Hamas tunnel below al Shifa hospital in Gaza.

It said the tunnel was 10 metres underneath the hospital complex and was 55 metres long.

In an update published on X, the military said: ‘IDF and ISA forces revealed a significant 55-meter-long terrorist tunnel, 10 meters underneath the Shifa Hospital complex during an intelligence-based operation.

‘The tunnel entrance contains various defense mechanisms, such as a blast-proof door and a firing hole, in an attempt by Hamas to block Israeli forces from entering.’

The statement did not say what was beyond the door. The tunnel had been accessed through a shaft discovered in a shed within the Shifa compound that contained munitions, it said.

Hamas has acknowledged that it has a network of hundreds of kilometres of secret tunnels, bunkers and access shafts throughout Gaza but has consistently denied that any exist underneath civilian infrastructure, such as hospitals.

Breaking: Israeli government advisor claims the IDF has found a Hamas command room under al-Shifa hospital

Many premature babies evacuated from al-Shifa 'lost parents in bombardments'

UN chief 'deeply shocked' at bombardment of schools in Gaza who called casualty numbers in the war 'staggering and unacceptable'

PICTURED: Displaced Palestinians flee war-torn northern Gaza on foot as Israel continues to warn civilians to move south

VIDEO: Hamas shares footage of 'three martyrdom fighters' raiding Al-Rantisi children's hospital, which Israel says they blew up

PICTURED: IDF troops detain and blindfold Palestinian men in southern Gaza

Israeli troops 'warned about Hamas attacks: Female soldiers reported suspicious activity on the border with Gaza in weeks leading up to October 7 attack – but were threatened with court martial'

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Hostage deal is 'closer than ever', US official says after 'significant progress' in recent hours

UN says two schools sheltering families were hit in less than 24 hours and says 'vicious war is reaching a point of no return'

The agency’s chief, Phillipe Lazzarini, said in a statement:

Pictured: File image shows a UN-run school sheltering displaced Palestinians in Rafah, southern Gaza.

PICTURED: Palestinian medics care for premature babies evacuated from al-Shifa hospital at a medical facility in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip

Breaking: Israel is 'hopeful' significant number of hostages may be freed in the coming days

Cargo ship hijacking is 'Iranian terrorism', Netanyahu claims

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has released a statement regarding the cargo ship hijacked by Houthi rebels:

Breaking: Iran-backed Houthi rebels HIJACK cargo ship after vowing to target Israeli vessels

Pictured: Israeli soldiers and artillery units situated near the border with northern Gaza

Iran's supreme leader says Israel has suffered a 'defeat' in its war against Hamas in Gaza

Second evacuation mission being planned for Al-Shifa hospital, WHO chief confirms

The Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Ghebreyesus, has confirmed the evacuation of sick children from a Gaza hospital. He confirmed:

How an IDF spokesman became one of the most trusted men in Israel

Israeli troops 'warned higher-ups about suspicious Hamas activity in weeks before attack but were threatened with court martial'

Worried soldiers who raised concerns about suspicious activity in the days leading to Hamas terror raids on Israel were threatened with court martial, it has emerged.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet have faced stiff criticism from Israelis who have accused them of being caught out by the raids which left more than 1,200 dead.

A further 239 people were taken hostage and although a handful have been released there are dozens of worried families still waiting for news on loved ones.

Now Israel’s leading Channel 12 news programme has broadcast claims from female soldiers they were threatened with court martial for raising concerns before the October 7 attack.

One said: ‘We were told that if we continue to harass on this issue, you will stand trial.’

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UN says aid worker was killed by airstrikes in northern Gaza yesterday, bringing total to 104

IDF continues to urge civilians to flee south in the Gaza Strip as onslaught continues

Here are the key updates at 1pm UK time (3pm in Israel and Gaza):

Hamas hostages: A timeline of the ordeal so far

PICTURED: Buildings wrecked in the aftermath of an Israeli raid on the refugee camp of Balata in the occupied West Bank – as heavy rain hits

EU Commission President says 'the cycle of violence needs to be broken' and reiterates backing of two-state solution

IDF says it carried out two major operations in West Bank refugee camps

PICTURED: Displaced Palestinian children shelter in tents from the rain after fleeing to southern Gaza amid Israeli airstrikes

Palestinian Red Crescent shares pictures of ambulances it says evacuated 31 premature babies from al-Shifa hospital

Israeli President says Israel is 'fighting the battle of the entire civilized world' in new video message about war on Hamas

Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, has addressed a new video message to Jewish communities around the world amid the war on Hamas.

Here are some key messages in the video:

Is a hostage deal imminent? Here is what the key players are saying

Reports have been swirling that Israel and Hamas are nearing an agreement on the release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

The deal is being brokered by Qatar, with officials there suggesting it could be nearing completion pending ‘minor details’. Israel and its backer the US however have denied any such deal.

Here is what has been said so far:

Qatar: Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said today: ‘The challenges that remain in the negotiations are very minor compared to the bigger challenges, they are more logistical, they are more practical.’ He added that he was ‘more confident that we are close enough to reach a deal.’

US: White House National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said on X: ‘We have not reached a deal yet, but we continue to work hard to get to a deal.’

Israel: Last night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied what he called ‘incorrect reports’ that an agreement was imminent. ‘As of now there is no deal,’ he said.

Cricket World Cup final hit by pro-Palestine protester as pitch invader approaches India superstar Virat Kohli before being whisked away by security

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UN says 10,000 people fled from northern Gaza to the south over the course of yesterday

PICTURED: Palestinians in the southern and central Gaza Strip mourn loved ones killed in Israeli bombardment

Palestinian Red Crescent says 31 babies were evacuated from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City to the south

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement on X (translated):

Iran's Ayatollah urges Muslim states to cut political ties with Israel for 'limited period'

PICTURED: Israeli airstrikes continue to pound the Gaza Strip, igniting fires and filling the air with smoke as buildings are levelled

IDF paratroopers 'raid homes of senior Hamas officials' in upmarket Gaza City neighbourhood, 'killing Hamas fighters and locating 35 tunnels'

Breaking: Evacuated babies are being taken to Egypt, Gaza health ministry says

Breaking: Hostage deal could be near completion with only 'very minor details' to resolve, Qatar says

Breaking: UN has evacuated 30 babies from al-Shifa hospital, Gaza health ministry says

Medicins Sans Frontieres condemns 'deliberate attack' on evacuation convoy which killed one and injured another

World Health Organisation team 'heading to al-Shifa hospital to evacuate the babies'

PICTURED: IDF troops raise the Israeli flag as they raid the Balata camp for Palestinian refugees in the occupied West Bank

Israel-Hamas ceasefire has NOT yet been reached: White House confirms 'no deal yet' as WHO officials brand situation inside Gaza's largest hospital 'deplorable'

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Israel shoots down 'drone' that came across the Lebanese border

In a statement, the IDF said:

Yemen's Houthi militia say they will target all Israeli ships

Pictured: Houthi fighters conducting military exercises in Sana'a, Yemen, last month.

VIDEO: Troops from Israel's Golani brigade exchange fire with Hamas fighters in Gaza City

PICTURED: Palestinians search the rubble for casualties after Israeli airstrikes on Jabalia refugee camp raze buildings to the ground

Israeli naval forces attack assist ground forces attacking Hamas targets from the sea

Israeli warplanes hit 'terrorist infrastructure' in northern Gaza neighbourhoods of Jabalia, Zeytun and Beit Lahia

The IDF shared footage of overnight air assaults, as well as ground operations here:

PICTURED: Israeli soldiers operate inside the Gaza Strip

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