Britney Spears Slammed By PETA For Buying New Puppy

Britney Spears has a new battle to handle. Along with a contentious divorce, she’s now getting ripped by the animal rights warriors at PETA for buying a new dog, instead of rescuing one from a shelter.

The “Toxic” singer showed off her new puppy Wednesday on social media, introducing the world to an all-white puppy — appropriately named Snow — and while Britney’s over the moon about her new family member, the folks over at PETA are not.


A rep for PETA tells TMZ … “When influential people buy puppies, puppy mills cheer and animal shelters watch the homeless-animal crisis get even worse. With this one cutesy post, Britney Spears has sentenced countless deserving dogs in shelters to more days without love, a comfy bed to curl up on, or a chance at a real life.”

Britney got Snow after her estranged husband Sam Asghari filed for divorce, and the former couple hammered out an agreement splitting up the 5 dogs they shared when they were together.

TMZ broke the story … Sam’s keeping their Doberman, Porsha, and Britney’s hanging on to the other 4 pooches.

With Snow in the fold, Britney’s back up to 5 dogs at home, but PETA is wagging a tail finger, saying … “She could have been a force for good and adopted, but instead she chose to be toxic, and animals will pay with their lives.”

Wordplay aside, PETA’s pissed … again. See? It’s not just you, Pete Davidson.

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